Together Forever

-if you havent read my first movella, torn please read that so you everything in further stories.
Jade and niall have been going out for 6 months now but what will happen when rumors about nialls princess is out in the open!


2. Off my chest

Liams POV

I knew why niall was sad. He felt bad about taking jade off harry and lou.
But that was six months ago so why'd he start crying now?
" i know why," i said and niall had a relieved look on his face. He wlked over to the stairs and sat on the third step and ran his fingers through his fluffy blonde hair. " you dont need to feel bad, you two are ment for eachother, look mate, dont beat yourself up about it, okay?"
He stared at me but didnt look into my eyes. " alright then" he said standing up giving me his famous bear hugs. I felt relieved now.

Nialls POV

Im so happy i got that off my chest now and i know i can trust liam, hes like a best friend and a brother in one!
We walked into the kitchen and he made us some coffee to wake us up.
** 15 mins later**
My phone starting buzzing i picked it up and saw i had a text. It was from paul,
-the text said
Hey, the 2013 take me home tour has been delayed its going to starting on the 24th october then you guys have a 3 week break from 20/12/13 - 10/01/14 then your going away for 8 months
It was Simons idea

Oh that was a relif but then what are we suppose to to for the next 9 months! I walked into the living room and showed the guys the message, they were all relived too. I went and hugged jade for walking out on her when she was just trying to care and find out whats wrong.
We all decided to go out to nandos to celebrate and we called the girls round to come too.
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