Together Forever

-if you havent read my first movella, torn please read that so you everything in further stories.
Jade and niall have been going out for 6 months now but what will happen when rumors about nialls princess is out in the open!


1. Guilt

Nialls POV

I feel really bad thinking back about when jade was harrys and then louis and i feel like i stole her away from them. Harry hasnt been the same since the inncident. But louis has eleanor, zayn hd perrie, liam has dannielle i have jade but now harry hasnt got a girl to call his own. I felt a tear drop down my face because i felt really bad.

Jades POV

Nialls been in the kitchen for ages now so i went to see if he was alright.
"Hey nialler" i said as i walked in. He looked up and i saw his eyes were red! I ran over to him and gave him a hug. " what happend babe?" I asked worringly.
" nothing im fine" he said walking out of the room.
Why was he crying?
What happend?
Who done anything to make him like this?
All i knew that my nialler was upset and i just wanted to find out what.

Louis POV

Ive totally got over jade and i really like eleanor!
Niall shuffled into the room and sat next to liam who was texing dannielle. But as we looked closer we saw he was crying!
Liam looked up and gave him a big bear hug and niall just stayed there! He never does that! Hes always the one who gives hugs and gives them!
" what happened bro?" Liam asked with a worried look on his face?
At that moment jade walked in and she was crying too.

Zayns POV

Why were they crying? "Im sorry harry" niall said walking out of the room. Why'd he say sorry?
Liam followed because he knew why? But we had no clue!
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