Together Forever

-if you havent read my first movella, torn please read that so you everything in further stories.
Jade and niall have been going out for 6 months now but what will happen when rumors about nialls princess is out in the open!


5. Doesnt matter

Nialls POV

I didnt know what to do! When harry told me i froze! I totally forgot! The others boys have/had girlsfriends and their fine so mabey she'll be alright.
**5 min silence

"Whats going on? Tell me! Please!" Jade said with her eyes watering. I could see fear in her eyes....

She ran out of the resturant and straight past the car park! It wasnt safe there... Especially at night... On your own...

Jades POV

Why dont they tell me whats going on! I ran outside and didnt want to sit in the car so i walked down the road. I felt like someone was watching me... I could feel my heart beat faster and faster and then! I saw a man behind me! He was scary. I had a bad feeling! I could see Niall coming but he was too far! The man grabbed me and pushed me in his car...

Creepy pedo's POV

I saw a girl walking up the road and i thought i should get this one!
I grabbed her and threw her in my car! Im gonna have some fun...
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