Together Forever

-if you havent read my first movella, torn please read that so you everything in further stories.
Jade and niall have been going out for 6 months now but what will happen when rumors about nialls princess is out in the open!


6. Danger

Nialls POV

I ran out after her and when i saw that man grab her i ran for it! I new i couldnt out run it so i took a picture of the liscense plate KD82A L1T! I called louis and told him what happend...

***5 mins later

Louis POV

OMFG!!! I am so angry rite now! I am still sort of protective over jade and when niall said a creep took her i ran out of the resturant before he ended the call. I saw niall sitting on the edge of the road crying while he was starin at his phone.

** 1 hour later

Liams POV

We are all back home so we can find ways to find jade. We were all crying when they told us.
I am so worried and i hope that jade comes home safely..
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