Together Forever

-if you havent read my first movella, torn please read that so you everything in further stories.
Jade and niall have been going out for 6 months now but what will happen when rumors about nialls princess is out in the open!


3. Celebration

Jades POV

I was so happy niall was alright now! I went upstairs with dannielle and eleanor so we could get ready. Danielle got her bag and pulled a strapless short hot pink dress out with a silver stone under where her bra should be. Eleanor went and pulled out a sea blue dress similar to dannielles. Then she pulled out a purple one matching the others!
" a present for you!" She said with a beaming smile on her face.
At that moment dannielle walked out of the bathroom in her dress, she looked stunning! Then from nowhere eleanor came with her dress and she looked amazing!
-Ding Dong
Perrie just arrived, zayn lead her upstairs and she had a bag of make up ready forcus and then eleanor whipped out a black version of our dresses and handed it to her.

Perries POV

** 15 minutes later
I walked out of the bathroom and saw all of the other girls sitting on the bed waiting for me, wow they looked amazing! We done eachothers hair and make up and then we all whipped out the same silver heels! Wow we looked good.

Harrys POV

All us guys went into zayns room and got out suits liam gave niall a purple tie, zayn a black one, a sea blue one for louis, a hot pink one for himself and then gave me a black bow tie?!?!?
We all got into my car and drove to nandos and the girls were going in perries car.
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