Stranded on an Island with One direction & Justin Beiber? What the hell? Boo, Chloe, and Kat. 3 16 year old Girls, With 6 16 Year Old Boys? 3 Girls with some surprises. 6 Normal Boys,Aside that their Famous. Oh shit...


6. The three figures

Justin's P.O.V

I knew something was happening I just couldnt wake myself up then I felt almost like I could fly, well duh i was on a stupid crashing plane. But this felt different almost magnetic, I shivered and got up, and saw the plane was falling out of the sky at such speed but Harry,Niall,Louis,Zayn and Liam weren't being thrown around like rag dolls the same as me (odd). I saw three figures burning bright I had to cover my eyes but I couldn't. What happened next has scarred me for life. I saw a massive stallion, he was pure white and his eyes were shining rainbows, then i looked again and he had pure white angel like feather wings at the top it was tipped black. They looked so delicate

'No this can not be real,' I told myslef

'Oh but boy this is real, I am as real as you can see,' I looked at the horse and it snickered

I wanted to scream, but I couldn't my voice was lost. Then I saw Louis Tomlinson from Oner Direction stand up and touch the middle figure. The light didnt seem to bother his eyes.

'Get up boy!' The voice again

'Who are you?'

'I am he whom you see before your eyes, look forward.'

I looked forward and saw the stallion his eyes percing into mine. I saw the three figures again, inside them stood a gem each containing something. Their names each in Greek but I couldnt uderstand but with the winged stallion watching me swiftly I felt like I knew what I was doing. I read the names aloud not knowing what I was doing,

'Ήρα η ελληνική θεά των γυναικών, η Αφροδίτη, η θεά του έρωτα και της ομορφιάς και η Αθηνά η θεά της σοφίας. Συνδυάστε εκπληκτικές ικανότητες τους και μπορούν να κάνουν τίποτα. Αυτά τα τρία μπορεί να έχει ένα φοβερό παρελθόν, όταν ο πόλεμος ήρθε να πολεμήσει τους Nirads, που σε συνδυασμό δύναμη και τώρα είναι η θεά "της φιλίας,' I read perfectly

'Tell me who are you?'

'First do me a favour Justin and read that in english?' The stallion asked

'Hera the greek goddess of women, Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty and Athena the goddess of wisdom. Combine their amazing abilities and they can do anything. These three may have an awful past, when the war came to fight the Nirads, they combined power and now they are the goddess' of Friendship.'

'Now as I explained I am Twilight. I am what you mortal humans call Pegasus,' He finished

'Now boy I've explained to Louis who they are you should know that they are your Guardians, these three have never felt what it is to protect six immature teenage mortal boys like you'se but Zeus choose you three so technically there must be something special if you boys combine that you can do.'

'Now boy join  the girls in saving the plane from crashing before it hurtles and kills them along with you,'


'nO CURSING OR SWEARING PLEASE jUSTIN now do as I tell you!' The horse stopped and told me to hold Aphrodite around her waist and encourge them.

Then I blacked out 5 minutes later.

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