Stranded on an Island with One direction & Justin Beiber? What the hell? Boo, Chloe, and Kat. 3 16 year old Girls, With 6 16 Year Old Boys? 3 Girls with some surprises. 6 Normal Boys,Aside that their Famous. Oh shit...


8. Chapter 8

A/N Hey it's Hipster Boo writing this chapter and I just wanted to say that My co-author Is new at writing this is her first Fan fiction so yeah. Oh and by the way 

Boo is Me and she plays Athena NOW cause I changed it and she has some powers with the ocean so yeah. Kat is Aphrodite, My co-author. And Chloe is Hera, My other BFF.

Ok so yeah bye!!! ENJOY!!

Zayn's P.O.V.

Oh My Gosh...It's them....those- those -those

"Goddess'?" A voice said.

"Damn it Aphrodite why cant you shut the fuck up?" Another Voice said. 

"Well we have to tell them sooner or later..." I'm guessing Aphrodite said. 

"Yeah Athena we're going to have to tell the other guys to." Said Another voice as sweet as heaven...WAIT WHAT?

"What ever but why cant we tell them all together?" I'm also guessing Athena said. 

"Wait who are you?" I asked really scared.

"Ugh, I'm Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy. But you can call me Boo." Boo said.

"I'm Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. But you can call me Kat." Kat said.

"And I'm Hera, Goddess of all Goddess'. But you can call me Chloe." Chloe said.

"So your three Greek Goddess'?" I asked Feeling really Stupid. Obviously their Greek Goddess! I recognise those Goddess Names anywhere!

"Oh hush Idiot, Calling you Stupid is my Job." Boo said.

"Boo shut up! He just wanted to be sure." Chloe defended me. I blushed. I started turning around to go to the forest to go look for the rest of he lads but they watched that whole scene. 

"Your-Your- Your a Goddess!!" Harry screamed. Rather scared almost. 

"Yes I am." Boo said. 

"Your not a human!" Harry screamed. Again. 

"Stop screaming and I technically am Human! I'm just a Greek Goddess that's it!" Boo replied. 

"Well your a freak!" Harry screamed really scared now. Boo looked hurt, and I mean REALLY hurt. Next thing I know it starts raining. It was literally Sunny as fuck before Boo looked hurt. Boo then Runs into the forest. 

"Why did you say that?!!!!" Kat Screamed Furious. She then ran after Boo but I had a feeling she was long gone by now. 

Boo's P.O.V.

I Cant Believe he said that. I was ALWAYS called a Freak. In Middle-School and High school! I found the Ocean again. I took out a Drachma Coin to send an Iris-Message to Percy. Yes Percy Jackson. We're Like Brother and Sister. 

"Oh Iris,Goddess of the Rainbow,Show me Percy Jackson." I said and then threw the Drachma in. The water shimmered then in front of me I saw Percy reading a Magazine in his Cabin at Camp Half-Blood. 

"Percy!" I Said. 

"Boo? Boo! What's up?" He said once he noticed me. 

"You know the Fashion thing Chloe had that was In New York?" I asked. 

"Yeah..What happened 'Cause that is SO not New York." Percy said. 

"Yeah um The Plane almost crashed and Me,Kat,and Chloe saved it and...We met a Few People..." I said Trailing off and Telling him everything. 

"Percy what do I do?" I asked in tears. 

"Look Boo, He didn't Know you were called A Freak all your life. You should give him a Chance." He said.

"How can I give him a Chance if he wont give ME one." 

"Well what do you want me to do?" He asked concerned. 

"I want you and Annabeth to come over with Blackjack and Other Pegasi. We're getting out of here." I said. Even if I'm 16 Annabeth really is my Daughter. It's Weird but It's true.

"Alright Boo I'll go get Annabeth. But how are we going to leave Camp Half-Blood? Your Know how Mr.D is..." He said.

"Percy It seems you have Forgotten who I am, I'm Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy. I'll Handle Mr.D!" I said Laughing a little. 

"Now go get Annabeth!" 


"Oh and Percy,"i Paused "I know you have a thing for my Daughter." I said. he just stood there Blushing. I winked and waved my Hand over The Iris-Message. 

"Thanks Iris." I said after the Iris-Message vanished. 

"I'm sorry." I heard a Voice Behind me said...


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