Stranded on an Island with One direction & Justin Beiber? What the hell? Boo, Chloe, and Kat. 3 16 year old Girls, With 6 16 Year Old Boys? 3 Girls with some surprises. 6 Normal Boys,Aside that their Famous. Oh shit...


3. Chapter 3

Kat's P.O.V

Me, Chloe and Boo were randomly talking about her fashion when an announcement came from the captain,

'Buckle your seatbealts, we're about to take off all electronic devices off until we're up in the air, especially you Mr Tomlinson,'

'WAIT!' I screeched loudly waking Justin up

'One Direction are on the plane?' I asked

'YES!' The captain's voice yelled loudly

'Oh,' I slouched down off my seat slowly

'GET THE HELL UP GAL!' Chloe screamed,

'Your going to ruin your new clothes!' she hinted


Thats when I saw Boo staring at a boy, he had curly brown hair, he was smiling happily showing his dimples listening to music(i sniggered) then i saw his eyes.They were like two green Emeralds only rare light ones. Me being a Goddess couldn't help but stare. He imediatley turned around, and looked at Boo smiling as if he knew her.

'OMG!' it clicked the smiling mysterious lad with peircing green orbs was HARRY STYLES!

Suddenly as i was getting up, Chloe squealed exictedly


'What's up?' i asked Boo who was still staring at Harry, she blushed noticing i knew what she was thinking. We are practically sisters. Then the plane went off the ground and i flew straight into my seat.

'Aphrodite,' she sighed

'HERA!' I complained

'Do not dare say my name,' she threatened

'ALRIGHTIE,' I screamed

'Well just dont stand there Boo, I know you wanna talk to that curly freak,' i winked

'But i'm just a stupid Goddess, i'm not able to charm a guy jkust like you, the moment i talk to them. I can't Charm speak ya know!' she cried

'It's not my fault...,' i trailed off as Boo pushed me away from her. Then she got up and brathed out slowly

'I'm gonna just talk to him!' She smiled

'ATTA GAL,' Chloe said barging from behind us.

Chloe's P.O.V

I KNEW IT BOO HAD SUCH A CRUSH ON HIM. i should've noticed earlier wehen she was staring in his direction so i got up outa my seat as the plane set off in the air and i fell forward and screamed at Boo and Kat,

'ATTA GAL.' they looked at me confused and that's when i sat back down again, shoving ym beats my dre headphones on and smiled and drifted off asleep.

kAT'S p.o.v

I heard Chloe behind me snoring loudly, no fair i have to sit the plane for the next 14 HOURS listening to that. Just as i was about to get up and see what other celebrities were on the plane with us, I was barged into by another familiar face.

'Louis Tomlinson?' I asked putting my hands towards his glowing face to see if it was really him and he slowly nodded looking freaked out.

'Sorry,' I mumbled to him

'It's alright love,' he laughed

'I see your with loud snoring one, IS THAT CHLOE...,' i cut him off


'OMG I LIKE FUCKEN LOVE HER FASHION RANGE SHE DOES FOR MEN!' he half screamed half screeched

'Calm down Tommo,' I laughed

He looked at me confused,

'Sorry i thought uit'd be shorter instead of Tomli...,'

'I like that,' he interupted

'Your welcome,' i laughed

'You have a beautiful smile,' he laughed as i blushed sliogghtly

'By any chance have you see a young girl with brown....,' yet again he cut me off pointing toawrds Boo and Harry who were both sleeping.

'Awk they make a cute couple,' i thought

'I know,' Louis said as if to read my mind

'WTF?' I thought confusuingly

'What's tha matta Aphrodite's got cha tounge,' he laughed and i shot him such an angry goddess look because he used me in a joke

'Dare you to say that again!' I warned

'Calm down rambo..,'


He looked at me clueless as i started to speak greek and led him into a cabin that was empty.

Έλα Θεά μέσα μου, ώρα να αποκαλύψει σε αυτό το παράσιτο αυτό που πραγματικά είμαι,' i screeched in greek which translates to

'Come Goddess inside me, Time to reveal to this pest who i really am.'

'Wait your not?'  he looked so scared i laughed at his innocence evily


I scaned the room and put a whiter sheet over him as a bright falshlight filled the room

'Come forward Louis William Tomlinson,' I spoke polietly

'i KNEW IT!' He screamed but not to loud

LOUIS p.o.v

I knew she was Aphrodite there just something so different and not norm al about her. I lifted the sheet off my head and my jaw hit the plane landing loudly. I fell on my knees shocked at her, as if the goddess of Beauty and Love ewanted to hurt me then I might as well take the punishment before me. I looked up again i was so shocked she was beautiful, but so is Hera and Athena. Goddess of All goddess' and Goddess of Wisdom and Battle strategy. 



author's note This is onedirectionaremy5 updating this btw Boo is like my sistah from anutha mutha nej. Hope you like this chapter i didn't curse as much as i wanted too because i'm updating this at school:) lol




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