Stranded on an Island with One direction & Justin Beiber? What the hell? Boo, Chloe, and Kat. 3 16 year old Girls, With 6 16 Year Old Boys? 3 Girls with some surprises. 6 Normal Boys,Aside that their Famous. Oh shit...


2. Chapter 2

Kat's P.O.V.

"OMG OMG OMG I HAVE JUSTIN BIEBERS NUMBER!!!" I kept yelling at Chloe when she got in the car. "Well it's even better than that bitch, I finally have gotten noticed by Christian Dior my HERO! He's the reason I started fashion designing and now look, I've set A Guinness world record as the world's youngest Fashion designer ever so yeah fuck bieber." She rubbed in my face. I just sat there tears dwelling in my eyes when i whispered through my gritted teeth, "Wait til Zeus hears about this!" "FUCK UP KAT, you'll blow our cover!" Boo almost yelled.

We arrived at the Airport, when I saw Justin bieber and One Direction board onto a plane. I reckoned the girls over to the wrong plane and the security guards are leading us over to that plane. 

"Miss Mackintire?" The flight attendant asks. "Yes?" Chloe replays. "May I please thank you for these new clothes? You are such an amazing designer..."  Me and Boo block out the noise and put our Beats on and full volume on full blast. 

10 Minutes later the flight attendant leaves as happy as ever and Chloe is now lying down in her seat, Headphones on and Music Full blast. That's when I look down to see Purple and white Nike high tops, I let out a high pitched singing scream. 

"I only know one other person who can hit a note like that and he's DEAD." Boo says. A voice sigh. 

"Micheal Jackson." Boo, Chloe, and the voice say at the same time. I look behind me to see Justin looking at me and now smiling widely at me. "Hey your that wee girl, Kat, from the orphanage." He says. I just nod. "I'm a huge beileber! Justin you and Boo are actually the reason I started taking singing seriously." I say and he plops down next to me. 

"Shawty just believe and you'll achieve something you've never done before." He smiles. "OMG!" I Screech. "FUCK THAT FLY TRAP!" Chloe and Boo yell at the same time.

I sat with Justin for about half an hour before he asks me to sing. 

"I'm at nandos trying to Paul home, all of my change I spent on Lou, Where have his socks gone, Niall your so wrong, You ate the food we made for two." I sang every note perfect and every key in the right pitch. "Wow just wow Kat." Justin looked so speechless and I knew that I was going to enjoy the next 24 hours...

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