Stranded on an Island with One direction & Justin Beiber? What the hell? Boo, Chloe, and Kat. 3 16 year old Girls, With 6 16 Year Old Boys? 3 Girls with some surprises. 6 Normal Boys,Aside that their Famous. Oh shit...


1. Chapter 1

Boo's P.O.V. 

Hey I'm Boo! I'm here training in my 'Dojo'. I'm kinda a Ninja...Anywhore :) I cant wait to see my two best friends,Kat and Chloe! We're going to Chloe's new fashion range, LAUTIER in L.A. It's really cool! I've just been at the Dojo all day. Since i'm an orphan I don't go out much and the only place Nan let's me go is here. *RING *RING! "Hello?" I said. And then I saw Justin Bieber. "Oh uh Hi." He said.He's Canadian for sure. "Can I help you?" "Uh yeah Can you tell me where the Orphanage is please?" Oh wow. "Yeah uh If you want you can wait here for about 20 minutes. I'm one of the orphans so yeah." "Oh ok." I Started training a little more and looked at the clock. Time to go. "Come on follow me!" I said making my way to the door. 


Once we got to the Orphanage I was greeted by Hugs. Kat. "Hey Kat." I said and hugged back. Me and Kat live in the orphanage together. We're practically sisters! "Come on Boo we gotta go to the airport-" She stopped when she saw Justin staring at her. "Hi i'm Kat." she said while putting a hand out. "I'm Justin." Justin said While taking her hand and shaking it. "Right I'm gonna go finish Packing..." And then I heard a Knock on the door. "I'll get it." I said since Justin and Kat were in the living room and I was near the door. I opened the door and found 5 complete Idiots. "Uh can I help you?" I asked. The curly one was just staring at me. "Uh yes can you tell me where the nearest Starbucks is?" Curly said. Wait this is One direction. Now I recognise them! "Um sure do you have a phone?" I asked. He nodded and took out his phone and handed it to me. "Mind adding your number there love?" He asked with a cheeky smile. "Wow you are cheeky." I said smiling. I put both the address to Starbucks and my Phone number in his phone. "Goodbye boys." I said While closing the door. Time to pack!! 


After packing I went downstairs to get Kat, "KAT YOU GOTTA PACK DAMN IT!!!!"  I yelled from upstairs. I heard running and Got ready for Nan. She hates it when I curse. And by the way Nan is the Orphanages House keeper. She takes care of everybody here. Instead of Nan, Kat opened the door, Closed and started squealing. "What the hell Kat?! Finish fucking packing!!!" I whisper Yelled. "Ok, OK, but I got Justin bieber's Number!!!" She's a huge belieber! "Ok whatever just Finish Packing!" I yelled. 


After what seemed like ages she finally finished and we were on our way to Chloe's House. 




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