A liar

Most stories end happily,but not this one.18 years old Emlily is able to ruin her freindship with Mel,which was there for her sience she was born.She broke many hearts,read on what happens to Emily when she regrets taking everyone for graunted.Shocking,heart-breaking story.Read on.


4. #Using Him

After the hospital visit, we went back home as we weren't allowed to stay.Good news was that Mel was feeling so much better even though she was left with cuts and the bad news was that she would be in hospital for couple of days and i would have to stay with the boys as my house was under construction.

Emily P.O.V

I was falling for Harry knowing that he was with Mel.I felt anger. Jealousy. I needed Harry.He was the boy of my deams.But i also had a little crush on Zayn.But i just wanted Harry.I figured out a plan to get Harry to like me.To love me. I wanted to be the girl of his dreams.And errm Niall , i had no feeling for him,nothing much.But science his madly in love with me why not use him.I knew this wasn't right but something got into me...

Niall P.O.V

I really liked Emily, she was so beautiful.Her eyes were the prettiest eyes i have ever seen and her smile...She didnt really pay much attention to me but maybe if i asked her out on a date,maybe then i could confess my feelings to her.I needed to talk to somone about it and that was Liam.

'Liam mate can i talk to you' i asked.

'Sure Niall,whats up bro?'

'Is this girl you see ...' i looked down at the floor

'Emily?' he replied.

'Yes how did you know,is it that obvious'

'The way you look at her mate.We all know you like her' he smiled 'And you should ask her on a date if thats what you wanted help with' and with that he left me thinking.I decided it would be nice if i took her to the cinema.No.Maybe we could go out on the beach.Yes that would be great.A picnic on the beach.Awsome.Now all i gotta do is ask her out.I brethed in and was on my way to my bedroom which i know shared with her.She was sitting next to the window,staring outside.

'Ermm Emily' i said shyly.She turned around and gave me a wide smile. 'Yeah Niall'

'Are you busy tonight,coz' erm maybe,ermm you would wanna come with me at the beach'.

She smiled and nodded.'Well tonight at 8,is that fine with you' i was dieing of happiness indside.And so it was set.

Emily P.O.V

Niall asked me out on a date.My plan was going just as i wanted it to.I deiced to get ready as i had only an hour before i would leave.I was going to wear a short mini dress with some a pair of golden flipflops.I placed my hair in a neat bun and added some eye liner ,mascara and lipgloss.I took my phone and headed downstairs.He stared in my blue eyes.And i stared into his.I started to like him?What no.I liked Harry.

Niall complimented me as we got in the car.The whole ride was awkwardly silent, so he put the radio on.When we got there i couldn't belive my eyes.Niall has done a picnic for me.I found that sweet.There was candles and soft music playing.There was all sort of food.He did all this for me.A little voice in my head said awwwh.

For about an hour we ate then for another we talked. He wanted to go in the water but i refused,thats when he took me in his arms,and carried me to the water.I scremed but he just placed me softly on the cold icy water.We had a water fight.That was fun.And then i was feezing cold and he gave me his hoodie.We sat there next to the sea watching the waves.

'You know,i always dremed of stareing at the sky at night with a special person.' he whisperd and tunred to look at me.I didint know what to say so i just got near to him and out faces was only some inches away.I kissed him.Ok i did.His eyes was willing for me to, so i did.He smiled and kissed me back.

On our way back home we laughed so hard.He smiled and laughed the whole way back.He was happy.But i wasn't really.Well half of me was.I wish it was Harry,but it wasn't.

When we arrived home everyone was asleep.We went to bed,talked a little more and then he placed his arms around me and i instantlly fell asleep.

The next couple of days i hanged out with him.Then it was two days before Mel was coming home thats when Niall asked me to be his girlfreind.Of course i said yes.We cuddled for coupel minitues when i saw Harry looking at me.I felt his eyes on me.I loved him but now i was using Niall.What was i doing?


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