A liar

Most stories end happily,but not this one.18 years old Emlily is able to ruin her freindship with Mel,which was there for her sience she was born.She broke many hearts,read on what happens to Emily when she regrets taking everyone for graunted.Shocking,heart-breaking story.Read on.


1. #The Begging

She was having fun.She didn't care if she hurt people.She was always guily but acted inoccent.She was young,pretty and a fool.She was at the stage where she took everyone for grunted,every chanse she was given was wasted.Emily,yeah thats her.Deep icy blue eyes,long pitch black hair streght hair that stremed down her beautifully taned face.She seemed innocent but under that pretty smile,layed the evil.


'Wake up Em' yelled Mel.'Time you meet the boys' she sang in exaitmnt.Oh yeah ,Mel was Em's best freid sience forever.She was the girly type,kind,warm,careing and gorgeous,blong wavy long hair down to her waist and warm light brown eyes that gleames under her long thick natural eye-lashes.And one last thing,she was Haryy's girlfreind ofcourse.And now it was time Emily got to meet Harry and the boys,Niall,Zayn,Liam and Louis , and all of them were lovely boys,boys you coudn't find those days.Special,i guess special discribed them.


Mel jumped on Emily's bed 'Wake up or you will have to face the evil side of Mel' she laghes in a low pitch voice.Emlily got up,looking stunning even when she was in a mess.'So where are we meeting the boys' asked Emily still half sleeping.

'Were off to their house for a movie night,now get dressed ,were gonna be late.' Mel was wearing ript denim shorts and a cute tank which was blueish-purpuleish, she had a pair of black platforms and hundreds of beads and bracelets.

Emily decided to wear a short black pencil skirt with a white top tucked in and a pair of black converses.She left her hair out and added some eyeliner and some gloss,not bothering with too much make-up.

'You ready' yelled Mel at the top of her lungs,who was alredy waiting in the car. Em picked her iPhone and ag and rushed outside and hopped in the car ready to go.

'Well somone is looking stunning tonight'said Mel smiling.She always throght of Emily as a natural beauty,and doubted the fact that she was pretty,which she really was.Mel has alaways leved behaind Emily's shadow and she really didn't mind.

'Why thank you so do you' Em replyed.'Do you think they would like me?What if they don't?'

'I doubt that, bet they will love you.Sure will' she gave Em an reasuring look

10mins later

They both get out of the car,Em fixing her makeup and heading to the door.As soon as the door opens, an handsome young lad stand in front of Em smiling and welcoming them in.'Thats Niall' whisperd Mel

As soon as they got in the living room on the couch she found 4 good looking boys.Em stared in disbelive,she partucally had her eyes on the curly one.

'Hey guys,this is Em the girl ive told you lot about' Mel smiles

They smiled back greeting her in unision.They introduced them self,and soon i knew their names.A strike of disapointmet hit me when i found out the curly haired one was Harry,Mel's boyfreinds.I just didn't know why.

I felt the blonde one ,Niall staring at me with his deep blue eyes.This was going to be a long night...


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