A liar

Most stories end happily,but not this one.18 years old Emlily is able to ruin her freindship with Mel,which was there for her sience she was born.She broke many hearts,read on what happens to Emily when she regrets taking everyone for graunted.Shocking,heart-breaking story.Read on.


7. #Mixed Feelings

A bright light shined for me to reached it as i approached i got pulled in it.I then found my self looking down to what seemed to be my body.My face looked pale, so pale and my body looked stiff,my lifeless body stood in a pool of blood and there was people around it gasping and shocked.I couldn't help but feel sorry for the mistake i have made but it was my decision  a hard decisions.I now was a free soul able to wonder around and i felt like i should go check how people are dealing with my death. I wanted to know if they care or if their just getting on with life without me but i knew it would make it worse because people hated me so i just go on with my journey to heaven, where i can feel happy once again...


Mel's point of view:

I was laying on the couch just thinking about all that happened .My face was stained from tears and i felt like i wanted to cry more but i had no more tears.Emily was a great friend,yes and i don't know what to think about the Harry thing.I don't know if i should forgive him and her or if i should just move in my own flat and finish uni and get on with my own life but somehow that felt pretty weird to be done,it just felt weird of me thinking of that, like i would never be capable of doing such thing.I was not that type of person.I was deep in thought when my phone went off,it was an unknown number but i still answered.

''Hello who's this?''i asked 

''Hello,is this Miss Melonie?'' the person asked back

''Yes'' i answered back

''Well i called you to inform you about Emily's death since your're one of her closes friends. She has committed suicide and if you have any information on what might of caused it then please contact me as soon as. I'am very sorry,have a good day miss'i could hear it in her voice that she felt sorry.

All i could manage to get out was an Ok before i hanged up.I felt like the whole world fell upon me,what i just herd killed me.I felt like part of this was my fault but i still didn't know the full story.I decided to call Harry and inform him,even tho i was mad at him i felt like he should know and maybe then he could explain me what exactly happened.


Harry's point of view:

I was at home in my bed,still confused about what has append.I guess it was all too much.After Emily runned out Liam and Louis tried running after her but couldn't catch up with her and they has a look around but didn't have any luck in finding her so they gave up.I haven't herd from Niall.

I got a phone call from Mel.I was shocked.What.Emily committed suicide?Was it my fault.No it cant be.Why was i feeling guilty shes the one who kissed me.I wanted to kiss her back but i was way too scared.I love Mel and Emily i couldn't look at her in any other way then friends.I felt tears forming in my eye as i was getting ready to go meet Mel,she needed all the comfort,she needed someone by her side.I was determined to explain to her what happened and maybe just maybe she will forgive me but before i left i had to tell Niall.


Nialls point of view:

I herd a knock at the door but i couldn't be asked to answer.I just didn't care about anything.I couldn't even think straight. The girl i loved was nothing but trouble i should of known it better but i still loved her.She used me and i understood.Harry always got the girls.I just hated living right now i was in pain,it felt like my heart broke into million pieces.I herd another knock on the door and this time i answered 'Come in' my voice filled the empty room.


Then Harry come in.I felt like going up to him and punching him but he looked too miserable like he didn't mean it.I don't know if he was the one who kissed her or if she kissed him but either was i was mad at him.

He opened his mouth to say something but the closed it.He looked like he was about to cry.It felt wrong seeing Harry like this situation.

He sat on other end of the bed and started talking.He apologized million times and explained to me what happened  Then he teared up and in between his sobs i herd him saying that Emily is dead that she committed suicide.I wasn't sure and asked him again and this time i herd him clearly confirming to what i dreaded to hear.I felt to the floor,crying and i just couldn't stop.I felt like i had needled in my heart and yet i still couldn't believe what i herd.I wanted to see her now but i was too scared to see the situation she was in.I just wanted to say goodbye to her and tell her how much i loved her one more.I just wanted to hear her smooth calming voice once more and hear her precious laugh once again.

That's when more teared come,and pictured of her flashed in front of my eyes.Harry come down to me hugged me and said he had to go, he called Liam up and explained to him what happened. Liam looked like he was about to cry and he  could hardly keep the tears back.It was hard for all of us, he come next to me and pulled me in a hug when Harry left probably to see Mel.At least he still had the one person he loved the most...




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