A liar

Most stories end happily,but not this one.18 years old Emlily is able to ruin her freindship with Mel,which was there for her sience she was born.She broke many hearts,read on what happens to Emily when she regrets taking everyone for graunted.Shocking,heart-breaking story.Read on.


3. #House on fire

Emily woke up by the sound of flames.She woke up finding her self sorounded by flames.She started to panic.She screamed.She shouted at the top of her lungs.She was worried so worried she completely forgot about Mel.She found a window and was able to get out.She slowly climbed out.She caught sight of the fire fighter and gave a relived sigh.She got climbed down and was now resting while watching the deep flames and wondering how all this happened when she realized Mel was inside.She panicked as her heart started beating faster.She felt dizzy when she sow the firefighters bringing someone out.It was Mel.

She rushed down to them and asked if she was fine as she was covered by a blanket.The said she wasn't highly injured but had a few burns.I give a relived sight as tears started to form.

They asked me if i had anywhere to sleep and the first thing that come in my mind was the boys.I called a taxi so that i could be taken there as i wasn't allowed to go with Mel but was suppose to visit her in the morning.

As soon as i arrived at the boys house i knocked at the door few times until Niall opend the door.You could see he was still half asleep and when he sow Emily his eyes widen .She was in tears and he took her in and sat on the couch explaining everything that happened and blaming herself for Mel getting injured.He called the boys,including Harry.I was happy to see him once again and when i did my heart started to beat faster. Niall told the boys what happened while comforting Emily as she was in tears by now.

Harry was worried.He moved around the room while tears fell down his soft cheeks.His eyes were red from crying

'I guess we will have to go see her first thing in the morning.Ok so Emily do you mind staying in Niall's room imm sure he wont mind sleeping on the floor.''

'Fine with me' Niall said.

'Sure' i responded looking down at the floor.

Everyone went back to bed. Emily felt sorry for letting Niall sleep on the floor so she told him he can sleep with her in the bed.He firstly disagreed but Emily would't stand it.She had her back to him and he played with her hair.They both felt asleep,as niall hugged her and was so happy.He thought she was beautiful and felt deeply for her.

(Sorry about this shitty chapter i kind of rushed)

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