A liar

Most stories end happily,but not this one.18 years old Emlily is able to ruin her freindship with Mel,which was there for her sience she was born.She broke many hearts,read on what happens to Emily when she regrets taking everyone for graunted.Shocking,heart-breaking story.Read on.


2. #Getting to know eachother

They decided to Toy story in which Emily was interested.The whole time Emily checked on Harry and Mel and when she sow them hugging,she felt a spark of jealousy.She knew it was't right but hey i told you she wasn't at all the girl you can trust.

She had to sit between Zayn and Niall,which were concentrated on the movie,unlike Emily who was already getting bored.

Finally the movie was over,so the guys decided to chat a little.

'So Emily tell us about you' asked Zayn 'Therese nothing to be said, i mean not anything interesting' smiles Emily

'Do you have a boyfriend?'Niall said looking at Emily 'Punctually no,i don't.'she replied 

The rest of the conversation went on about randoms stuff.Louis talked about his passion for carrots which Emily found amusing and Zayn talked about his hair. Niall was quite and Harry and Mel were making out,which made Emily fill with anger for no reason.

It was 2 in the morning and they all exchanged numbers and decided to meet up.Emily and Mel left and then boys went to sleep.

On their way back Emily and Mel talked about the boys.

Mel gave Em a smirk'I think Niall likes you'

'Erm yeah sure his ok i guess' mumbled Emily. Mel have seen that she was a bit moody and asked if she was ok.

'Imm fine'she lied looking out the window.

'You don't seem fine, you can tell me Em.Imm your best friend 'she smiled

'I SAID IMM FINE.'she nearly yelled.The smile on Mel's face faded and she went pale.She knew something was wrong but she also knew that she wont be able to make her spit it out.

They dived off in awkward silence.Soon as they got home they both went to sleep without saying a word.Mel stayed up thinking about Emily.She really cared and was worried,  but if she really knew what was in Emily's mind she would be out of her mind.



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