A liar

Most stories end happily,but not this one.18 years old Emlily is able to ruin her freindship with Mel,which was there for her sience she was born.She broke many hearts,read on what happens to Emily when she regrets taking everyone for graunted.Shocking,heart-breaking story.Read on.


6. #Dramatic End

I runed away.As fast as i could.I was a monster.I took everyone for grounted.What was the point in leaving now?

I hid my self behaind a block.I sat down rocking foward and backword,my eyes wide open,tears falling without stopping.Ive hurt Niall,Mel and Harry.People i loved.How could i?

The hot tears runed fast down my cheeks.It burnt but i didn't care.Ive always been like this?Ive always took people for grounted and hurt their feelings?What was wrong with me?So many questions poped in my head.I was devastated.I didnt have no where to go.They all hated me,Louis,Liam and Zayn.Mel ,Harry and Niall.

What did i do to him.He loved me and i didnt care.Mel loved me and all i did was hurt her.I felt like a total bitch.I didnt know what was coming next.

It soon started raining and i havent moved a limb.I blocked the world.Why am i still here?I dont deserve nothing.Thats when a cought glimpe of a sharp broken glass.I slowly picked it up as throght rushed through my head and more tears falling.

I knew what i was going to do.I slowly pushed the glass in the middle of my stomatch,taking in all the pain.I felt nothing.Nothing.I was now laying on the floor in a pool of blood , staring at the dark claudy angry sky.Is time i leave.

My heart stoped beating,all i saw now was darkness.Happy memories flashed in my head,with Niall, with Mel and my family.A tear slowly formed in my eye.It was cold.My body was cold.And then it was over.My life passed infront of my eyes and my soul slept away.Dead.That was it.I couldn't hear no sirens,no nothing.No crys and no voiced.It was over.A teribble life,maybe now they will enjoy their lifes without me hurting them and maybe one day they will remmber who i was.


This is the short version as i dont have enough time to write the other chapters more detailed so i just describe what happend insead of act it all out in a chapter.Hope you guys enjoyed it and i took my inspiration from a song i listend to(Lucy Spgraggan Your too young.Hope you all enjoyed it.Love Ingrid)

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