A liar

Most stories end happily,but not this one.18 years old Emlily is able to ruin her freindship with Mel,which was there for her sience she was born.She broke many hearts,read on what happens to Emily when she regrets taking everyone for graunted.Shocking,heart-breaking story.Read on.


5. #A mistake

#This is a short verion.

It was the day Mel was coming back.She was willing to come back as she missed Harry and Emily and the boys.But if she knew what was about to happen she would rather stay in hospital.

It was about 8 o'clock at night and the boys decided to watch a movie,so that the time could pass quicker.Emily found her self staring at Harry again.He stared back.He proparbly got a little uncomfortable and said he was going to make pop-corn.He went in and gave Emily a glare.She didnt know what it ment so she followed him saying he was going to help.She removed Niall's arm and followed Harry.

He was getting a bowl ready when he saw Emily aproch.

'Look Emily i dont know what you want from me but i keep finidng you staring at me' he burt out. Emily just looked her eyes burining with fear.He come close to her and placed her arm around her.

'Emily,you know iam with Mel, and you know you're with Niall' he stared at her and smiled.

He went on saying a lot of word which Emily could't take in.Her mind was jumbled and she didn't even listen to a word Harry said.

After there was a long paused.She come near Harry and kissed him.She kissed him.She paniked.He didn't kiss back.His eyes were wide open.He pulled back and i foudn the boys including Mel staring ,her eyes watering.

Emily P.O.V

I herd buzzing in my ears. I went dizzy. Tears started to form.What did i do? What the fuck did i do? I felt eyes full of harerd on me.Harry banged his head on the wall.Mel leaned againt the wall stering in disbelive.Niall, he burt out of the room.This, was a big mistake.

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