It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


8. Part 8-We're Doing This Right


Neither of us knew really what to say or well I didn’t, then Emma spoke first. “So how have you been Harry?”  

“Me?! Well honestly I have been nothing, I’m so sorry Emma I really am! I can’t believe you have done this on your own I thought you would have just found new friends and forgotten all about us and well kept me from her.”  

“I would never do that!” She interrupted me. “I could never hide her from her dad ever; no child deserves to grow up not knowing about their Dad.”  

We stood in silence again for a few seconds. “Listen Harry I know what has happened has messed everything up and I hate it so much it’s un true and I would love for this all to go away and for us to go back to before all this but I know that can’t happen because we don’t want to same thing so maybe it’s better if I just leave, would that make it easier?” She asked looking in the mirror and wiping her mascara stains furiously.  

“What no Emma I want the same as you, I want to go back to the way things were I wish this never happened and I want to do everything possible to change what happened I have since it happened, I am so sorry.”  

“Well that’s a load of rubbish! If you wanted to change things you would have! You would have come and found me not left me to fight it all on my own, to go through finding a new life for OUR child, for trying my best to be a good parent to OUR child to do everything on my own for OUR daughter praying one day I wouldn’t have to do it alone but that day never came Harry all because of you! So this time I don’t think sorry is enough!” She shouted at me fiercely and angrily coming so close to me I could feel her breath on my face.  

Ever seen those moments in films when they fight and are shouting then he kisses her and everything goes alright? Well that’s what I felt like doing right now but I needed to explain just kissing her can’t do that and we weren’t in a movie this was real life.  

“I’m beyond sorry Emma but I did come try find you, I searched for so long but no matter who I asked, where I went I couldn’t find you at all I asked old friends, family and well anyone, I’ve been a wreck since you left fighting with the boys all the time being just a full on dick to everyone all because I hated myself for everything I have done but it’s true that if I could have changed everything I would have.”  

“You tried to find me?” She whimpered in the quietest voice I have ever heard her speak in.  

“I love you remember, of course I did try look for you and change everything and when I say I love you I mean every word.” I admitted smiling as I saw the corners of her mouth twitching upwards. “And before you say what about your fans and management well if they really cared this won’t matter because all that matters right now is I put everything right now, so please can I at least see that smile.” She smiled a smile big enough to show her weak dimples that looked like they had been hidden for a long time while running forward closing the gap between us wrapping her arms around me as I enclosed her in mine keeping tight hold, I could feed her tears drip onto my shirt but that just made me want to hold her closer. “And what I’m saying is not just words I will fix this Emma I promise.” I whispered looking down on her and kissing her forehead.  

“You have no idea how long I have hoped someone would tell me that.” She replied looking up meeting her lips with mine setting the magic off, the magical feeling I could never feel with anyone else.  


*Niall’s POV*  

“Urm can any of you guys hear owt now?” I asked ear pressed up against the bath room door.  

“Nope I wish they would bloody speak up a bit!” Eloise moaned, she was pressed up against the door while sat on my shoulders.  

“I know right wait I think I heard her say something then!” Zayn whispered he was on pressed against the floor trying to peak under the door.  

“Ow Louis you’re hurting my back!” Liam moaned, he was pressed against the door next to me on his hands and knees with Louis on his back holding a glass against the door apparently it helps.  

“Shut up moaning Liam! Spies do not moan!” He replied with in his ‘super hero voice’.  


*Emma’s POV*  

I pulled away from Harry star struck I hadn’t felt a kiss like that for so long I could still feel his lips lingering on mine as I spoke. “Wow.” Was all we could both say smiling. We both sat in the bath room for ages talking, I was mostly telling Harry about Rosie including stories about her and what she was like.  

“And I have to say I’m quite worried she is going to grow up with your flirty skills.” I explained making Harry chuckle.  

“Well I’m going to warn her early about boys I know what we are like and if anyone hurts her it’s going to be game over time for him!” Harry said wow turning into an overprotective parent already.  

“Yes remember I have 5 guys for best friends and you haven’t even met her yet so don’t get too over protective.”  

“True so when do I get to meet her?” He asked looking hopeful.  

“Very soon, not today though I want to explain to her first and then I want us to do this whole getting her used to everything first slowly, give it a while before we make this public if that’s okay?” I asked him.  

“Of course it is we are going to do this properly and right!” I smiled I just wanted things to go right for once while trying to stay positive. “Also I was wondering what about us next?” He asked breaking the question I had also been wondering.  

“Well I think we should do the same, go slow do nothing yet and when everything is sorted see what happens with us yeah?” I didn’t want to rush anything, I could see the obvious drop of Harry’s smile but when he saw me looking put it back up.  

“Yes we’re doing this right.” We sat for a bit just doing nothing but being happily in each other’s arms, the silence wasn’t awkward though more comfortable. After a few minutes we decided to make an experience since I had to leave soon anyway.  


*Louis’ POV*    

We were all pressed against the door trying to listen in. With some of us on shoulders, some on backs and some closer to the ground, I was on top of Liam obviously trying to get the best hearing spot. “Shh I think I can hear them better!” Zayn said shhing us all up while we waited, I could hear footsteps coming towards the door.  

“Shit they’re coming out retreat!” I whispered loudly straining my voice. Everyone panicked of course and with everyone on top of each other no one could move. “Liam I’m falling!” I mid shouted as Liam wobbled tripping over Niall sending me flying towards the door just as it opened.  

“Ow.” We all said in unison lying on the floor. I looked up at my dazed surroundings to see Harry and Emma looking down on us arms crossed with eye brows raised trying to hold in their laughter. “Oh hi guys fancy seeing you here we were just checking how sound proof the bath room was for urm Emma’s shower singing again.” I lied.  

“Lou that was worse than my lie!” Zayn mumbled from under the pile of people.  

“Shut up Zayn! I have no idea what he is on about!” I acted shocked standing up and brushing myself down.

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