It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


7. Part 7-The Reunion


*Harry’s POV*  

I couldn’t take it anymore I knew I had changed I knew full well but every day I was holding in the biggest secret of my life, the secret of what happened that day where I made the biggest mistake of my life letting the only one I love leave with my child.  

I hadn’t been close to anyone, I was being moody in any way possible to stop people from getting too close to me because I knew if people did I would all spill out my feelings and the truth of what happened.  

“…He needs to tell us why he had changed what is that reason! I mean what is the big deal it was four years ago get over it now!” Liam continued to shout at me I couldn’t hold it in I just snapped.  

“I LOVE HER OKAY?! I loved her with all my heart Liam and that is why I’m like this okay?! I don’t know if you’ve ever had your heart broken but I’m telling you it is the worst feeling I have ever felt, I love her and I never told her how much I did and that is why!” I shouted at him as tears rose in my eyes I was so frustrated I just couldn’t keep it in anymore my feelings were becoming too much.  

“Harry..” Liam started but before he could say anything I heard the door click behind him attracting all our attention. I looked down wiping my tears away, I couldn’t let anyone else see me like this. I kept my head deep down trying to stop them but I couldn’t I had been holding all these tears in for four years there was no stopping them now.  

“Hello Harry.” I heard the light girly rememable voice ring through my ears. I looked up to be met by her beautiful hazel eyes glistening from tears just looking at me. My jaw dropped as I stared at her she hadn’t changed at all apart from her hair looked a little bit blonder, she was looking as gorgeous as ever her long hair was still left in blonde ringlets laying effortlessly with her hazel eyes glistening in the light as new tears arose while her smile remained hidden behind a look of sadness.  

“” Was all I could stutter out from shock what was she doing her after this whole time? Had she come back did she have the baby? If so where was it? So many questions were going through my mind right now.  

“Long time no see Harry.” She sighed trying to hold the obvious tears in her eyes just like me, I just wanted to hug her.  

“Just a bit, urm where is I mean did you have, how is the job?” I babbled what did everyone know, did they know the truth or not.  


*Emma’s POV*  

I was trying so hard to hold back the tears but was failing miserably just like Harry as he stood before me cheeks wet with the tears.  

“They know Harry they know everything about what happened about why I left and about Rosie.” I pulled myself together to say that one sentence as I was seriously thinking I was going to run off and cry because right now that’s all I wanted to do.  

“Rosie?” He stuttered I could see it in his eyes he knew it was the baby.  

“The baby Harry she is called Rosie.”  

“A baby girl? A little girl?” He babbled again.  

I simply nodded unable to speak looking at Louis for help. “Yeah you have a daughter Harry.” He said rubbing my shoulder giving me a weak smile I couldn’t look at Harry I needed to get out of there.  

“I’m sorry I need to urm go to the toilet.” I rushed out pushing past everyone into the bath room closing the door quickly behind me.  


*Harry’s POV*  

I had a daughter a little girl. I was in complete shock I couldn’t believe it I never had fully thought of the fact that I was actually a Dad. “Oh great work one of you could have stopped her now I’m gonna have to probably break the bloody door down!” Eloise moaned repeating Emma’s steps in the direction of the bath room.  

We all stood in silence for about a minute unsure of what to say until Louis broke the silence. “You not got anything to say for yourself then?” He looked angry, angrier than I had ever seen him before not surprisingly, he was like Emma’s brother and because of me he lost her for four years and was kept the biggest secret ever from.  

“Louis I’m soo sorry I really am I was stupid then I really was and I know I’m such a dick I have been since she left but that is only because every day I have been regretting that I let her go like that and I had to hide this from you.” I sat down with my head in my hands pulling at my curls in frustration.  

“Why didn’t you tell us though Harry we could have found her then and got her back easier! Now she will proberly leave again or something do you know she has been on her own for four years constantly hiding doing everything she can for that beautiful amazing little girl who you just chucked away!” He shouted at me she had been on her own this whole time?  

“You’ve met her?” I asked looking up at him and the others.  

“We all have Harry she got in touch with Eloise a bit ago and we found out so went to visit her and well when a child comes running in shouting Mummy and recognises you as Mummy and Daddy’s best friends you kind of find out who she is.” Liam explained, they had all met her before me and she knew who I was?  

“She knows who I am?” So many questions were filling my mind.  

“Yeah she watches you on TV and everything she knows all about you and she is so like you and Emma it’s untrue, she has a weird obsession with Haribo and chocolate and loves cats and has really curly hair just like you, she looks a lot like you actually.” Niall said.  

“Look mate we are really mad at you right now but we know how much it has killed you without her and well we can see you regret letting her go so stop sitting pulling your curls out and get after her before it’s too late because I know no matter what right now you couldn’t care less about what your management and fans think.” Liam pointed out why does he always have to be right?! I gave them a weak smile a headed towards the bathroom.  

“Emma we can go to Nandos I know you love it there? Or how about we go get one of them big chocolate cakes?” Eloise tried to bribe her out.  

“Eloise please will you stop bribing me with food you’re making me extremely hungry and I’m not coming out!” She replied with, looks like her eating habits haven’t changed either.  

“Finally come to your senses then?” Eloise asked me quietly folding her arms obviously another person who I was going to have to work very hard to get on their good side.  

I nodded and knocked on the door. “Emma please let me in we need to talk please just let me in I won’t let anyone else follow me.” I said quietly waiting patiently listening and waiting until I heard the lock unclick of the door.  

I gave her a weak smile, she was stood shyly in the door way with red puffy eyes and wet cheeks from crying. She stood to the side letting me walk in shutting the door behind me and locking it again to stop the others from coming in, not looking at me once.

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