It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


6. Part 6-It's Time To Stop Hiding


*Liams POV continued*  

We all froze as we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. “Shit guys we got to warn Emma!” Eloise shouted about to run out the door but as she did Harry came through it blocking her exit.  

“Whoa slow down what happened to you?! What have you got all over you?” Harry asked looking Eloise’s cake covered body up and down.  

“Oh urm…I was baking.” She replied with awkwardly looking at us for help.  

“Yeah she made a right mess the whole thing exploded it just went urm…bang like whoosh.” Zayn tried to explain making whooshing actions with his hands as we all glared at him and his stupidity. It all went bang are you actually kidding me.  

“Bang and whoosh?” Harry asked confused looking at his mad looking friend.  

“Yes quick come help me to clean it away before it urm goes bang again like Zayn said.” Eloise said pushing Harry towards the kitchen turning around indicating towards the shower room with her arms to get Emma out.  

Once we heard the door close to the kitchen we all ran around badly trying to think of a way to get her out as we heard Emma’s singing getting louder as she got out of the bath room and walked into the bed room, oh you have to be kidding me!  

“Who was that?” We heard Harry say in the kitchen as he headed back into the living room.  

“Harry stop we need to clean this cake up, if it explodes again it could urm blow us all up!” Eloise shouted after him as he wandered towards us looking around, Louis and Niall shooting into the bedroom just before.  

“Who was singing?” He asked looking towards me and Zayn.  

“Urm yeah that was me practising a little bit.” Zayn replied putting on a bad girly voice pretending to sing bad, jesus he could not lie to save the planet.  

“Zayn I know you can sing better than that and anyway I heard a girl’s voice.” He searched the room looking for someone as a bang came from the bed room attracting Harry’s attention him instantly heading in that direction.  

“No wait you don’t want to go in there!” I shouted moving in front of the door with my arms stretched out in front of the frame.  

“Liam who are you hiding, are you all trying to keep some girl away from me to keep her for yourself or something, don’t be so stupid guys just let me meet her or are you scared she will like me better i stead of you all.” He had been like this ever since Emma left, completely vain thinking he could get any girl he wanted, not thinking about anyone’s feelings, it made me feel sick. Harry tried to knock me out of the way to see in but I wasn’t having it not this time, everything he had done was wrong too wrong.  

“You think you’re so brilliant don’t you Harry, thinking every girl loves you being so vain with that attitude of yours it makes me bloody sick! You think you’re Mr Perfect but you are no where near right now! You’ve been this way for years now ever since…” I paused knowing I was about to go too far.  

“I have no idea what you’re on about but nothing changed me at all, I’ve always been me and now you’re just being stupid with not letting me meet who ever she is!” He lied you could tell he knew what I meant by what happened a few years ago, he always did this as well if anyone had mentioned it he would try to look like he had no idea but you could see he knew full well, you could see the pain in his eyes.  

“You do know full well Harry you know who I’m on about!” I shouted I was sick of him trying to hide it, hiding his mistakes and what he had done.  

“Liam stop!” Zayn tried to stop me but I wasn’t having it.  

“No he knows who I’m on about and he has changed and he needs to admit it now! He needs to tell us why he had changed what is that reason! I mean what is the big deal it was four years ago get over it!” I was toying with him setting him up I didn’t mean what I was saying I just wanted to hear him admit it.  

“I LOVE HER OKAY?! I loved her with all my heart Liam and that is why I’m like this okay?! I don’t know if you’ve ever had your heart broken but I’m telling you it is the worst feeling I have ever felt, I love her and I never told her how much I did and that is why!” I stared in complete shock as tears filled his eyes.  

I opened my mouth to reply but was interrupted by the door opening behind me.  


*Emma’s POV*  

I walked out of the shower singing as usual; it was something I did naturally now just sing out loud, no one had ever been around to here it before apart from Rosie so I didn’t care. I walked into the bedroom after putting my underwear on and ran a towel over my hair.  

A bang startled me causing me to scream turning around keeping my towel wrapped securely around me at the sound of someone bursting through the door. I picked up a hair dryer and pointed it in towards the door like a gun to see Louis and Niall stood barricading the door with one arm each with a hand covering their eyes with the other.  

“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” I shouted putting the hair dryer down keeping my towel securely around my body.  

“Sorry this is an emergency you need to get out of here!” Niall said still covering his eyes.  

“Okay okay could it not have waited? God I’ve only just got out of the shower and Niall keep your eyes bloody shut!” I moaned what could be so important that they would burst in like this; I quickly put my clothes back on keeping the towel near just in case. “Right okay I’m dressed now what is so bloody important?” I asked frustrated.  

“Right Emma keep calm but urm Harry has come back early.” Louis said, shit no this could not be happening I could not see him no way I wasn’t meant to come back ever.  

“Oh my god no Louis I can’t see him I need to get out of here! I knew this was a bad idea all of this contacting Eloise being so careless letting you in that day, coming here I shouldn’t have done any of it, I need to leave now I knew it wouldn’t be easy to just come back!” I mumbled picking up various items of mine in the room panicking as tears rose in my eyes, it had been four years since I had last seen him.  

“Emma come on keep calm we can sort this, don’t worry it’s all going to be fine!” Louis said trying to stop my panicking state by grabbing my wrists.  

“No I need to leave completely this isn’t right, it isn’t fair on Rosie I need to get her away from all this!” I tried to pull myself from Louis grip holding the tears back. That’s when I heard him in person for the first time in four years, he was right outside the door shouting with Liam, his deep voice could be heard so easily. I stopped struggling then letting the tears just fall I had missed hearing that voice so much.  

“Shh it’s alright come here.” Lou said pulling me into a hug.  

“Louis I have missed hearing his voice so much, I’ve missed him so much.” I sobbed into his shirt I missed our memories together, having fun seeing his smile, being with all my friends, hearing him sing I had missed him soo much.  

“Guys I know this is hard but we need to get out of here if we don’t want to see Harry!” Niall said holding the door shut just in case. I stopped sobbing for a second, I could hear Liam shouting fiercly at Harry about him admitting something, wait it was him admitting why he couldn’t face someone. I listened more closely as I discovered they were fighting about me.  

I let go of Louis as walked closer to the door listening in with Niall and Louis doing the same. Suddenly Harry shouted as loud as I have ever heard him shout ‘I love her okay?!’ was the first words he shouted making tears come to my eyes even more as he spoke to the feelings of heartbreak, the exact same feeling I had been having this whole time.  

‘I love her and I never told her how much I did and that is why!’ I heard him stutter through sobs breaking my heart even more to hear him cry. I couldn’t take this anymore I had been hiding it for too long I had been hiding from him for too many years, I knew the reason I contacted Eloise wasn’t fully because I needed just her it was because I wanted my life back, I wanted my Harry back.  

I looked back at Louis and Niall who gave me a weak smile and nod with Louis giving me a reassuring rub on my arm, they knew what I was thinking. I took one deep breath and brushed away the stray tears. ‘Here we go’ I thought to myself taking an even bigger breath opening the large door with my shaking hand.

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