It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


5. Part 5-Like Old Times


“Mummy, why can’t I have a carrot like Uncle Louis!” Rosie moaned watching Louis munch on a carrot.  

“Typical so now you to be healthy!” I said getting up and going to fetch another carrot.  

“I like this girl, she has good taste in food!” Louis smiled with a grin on his face.  

“No not was appenin it’s vas’appenin?” Zayn attempted to teach Rosie to do his famous saying.  

“Ohh so vas’appenin?”  

“Yes! She can do it!” Zayn cheered picking her up and spinning her around.  

“Yaay okay so let me try this, Liam vas’appenin?” Rosie winked at Liam oh god Zayn is teaching her to be a young slut.  

“Zayn could you not teach my daughter your cheeky chat up lines?” I asked taking her off him and handing her the carrot.  

“Hey I can’t help it! She has skills!”  

Time soon flew by and next thing I knew it was getting dark outside and Rosie was fast asleep on Liam’s chest. “I forgot to ask you guys why Niall isn’t here?” I asked  

“Well we needed someone to keep Eloise and Harry busy and well Niall was the last one to call dibs so he got stuck keeping them entertained.” Zayn explained.  


*Louis POV*  

I looked at little Rosie asleep on Liam’s chest her cute curly hair falling slightly in front of her face. She was bound to have curly hair Harry and Emma both has curly hair but Harry’s is curlier. She looked so sweet and clam as she slept on Liam, she was completely clueless to what her Mum had done for her and Harry.  

“Louis, are you alright mate?” Liam nudged me knocking me out of my trail of thoughts.  

“Yeah I’m urm fine just it’s just a shock, how couldn’t Harry want all this how could he not want his gorgeous daughter and how could he make Emma do what she has done? It’s not right Liam.” I whispered back to him while Emma was distracted talking to Zayn about Eloise and Niall I think.  

“I know it’s not right is it, god I feel proud of her though how she has gone through it all without anyone and kept it quiet for so long, I don’t know how she has she must have been so scared.”  

He was right because of Harry my cousin has had to go through all this alone and it’s not right. “Louis I know what you are thinking we can’t confront him about this, he must not know we’ve been here today you promised Emma!” Liam took me out of my thoughts again how could he read my mind like that.  

“Fine but you better keep me away from him for a while Liam.”  

We left after a while to let Emma and Rosie go to sleep telling her I would ring her tomorrow and we can meet up with Niall next time which she seemed to be happy about.  

Nearly a week had passed since we saw Emma and met Rosie. Eloise and Niall had found out when they went to meet her, at first Eloise was furious with Harry and at us for going without telling her but soon calmed down, we all had been furious with him but had learned to deal with it a bit now.  


The door knocked alerting the attention of everyone all knowing who it was; Emma. She was coming over to the house today for the first time in years to see us all since Harry was out for the day meeting someone apparently.  

“I’ll get it!” Eloise said standing up and running towards the door down stairs. We heard muffled talking as they got closer towards our room.  

“Hey everyone!” Emma said giving a light wave as she entered but you could tell she was a bit busy looking around the familiar rooms.  

“Hey Emma!” We all shouted getting up and giving her a hug each, she had left Rosie at Nursery today so it was her day off really.  

“It hasn’t changed much has it.” She said awkwardly looking around the room like an exploring child.  

“Hey who is up for a game of Just Dance?” Niall asked picking up the controls changing conversation making Emma’s face seem to light up.  

“Oh my god you still have that game! God I haven’t played it in sooo long!” She shouted picking up a remote smiling, game on time!  


*Emma’s POV*  

Everything was going great it was like I had never left, we were all messing about like usual me and Eloise even decided to do some baking for the boys.  

“Right pass us the flour then.” Eloise said mixing the ingredients already in the glass bowl. I opened the large cupboard to pull the self raising floor out.  

OH MY FUCKING GOD! STUPID BLOODY FLOUR! The stupid flour had decided to jump out of the cupboard the second I opened it and just had to land directly on my head.  

I looked to my right wiping my eyes to see Eloise practically on the floor in hysterics laughing at me. “Oh you think it’s funny do you?” I asked picking up the packet of remaining flour pouring it all over her head.  

“You did not just do that?!” She stared in shock as I pissed myself laughing. “Right it’s on!” She shouted picking up the egg off the side beginning the chase me with it.  

So soon, as you may have guessed cake mixture was everywhere including all over us. Leaving us now sat on the kitchen floor licking it off.  

“Hey is that cake nearly ready I’m starving!” Niall shouted banging on the door. I smiled looking at Eloise who looked at me at the same time, we knew exactly what each other was thinking.  

“Urm yeah we’re coming now get ready but close your eyes it’s a surprise!”  Eloise said as we both got up off the floor and headed for the door opening it slowly to see them all stood there with closed eyes.  

“Hurry up then I’m starving!” Niall moaned as he stood impatiently. We both crept behind a table hiding.  

“Right open them!” we both said at the same time as we watching them open them and begin the look around confused, searching for where their precious cake was.  

“Urm where…ARGH” Liam screamed as we jumped out at him covered in cake mixture.  

“SURPRISE!” I shouted licking the mixture off my arm while laughing. “We’re your cake!”  

“What the hell happened?!” Zayn shouted looking us up and down as Niall walked towards up running his finger on Eloise’s arm tasting the mixture.  

“Urm we kind of got into a cake fight.” Eloise said innocently as Niall licked the mixture of her with his fingers.  

“Guys you need to try this it’s so nice!” Niall said happily eating the mixture but the boys didn’t look too sure.  

“Urm I think we’ll pass” they all said backing away.  

“Aw do I not get a hug?” I asked arms open walking towards them.  

“Maybe after you’ve had a shower!” Liam said grabbing me from behind by the shoulders and directing me towards the bath room.  

“What how come Eloise doesn’t have to have one?!”  

“Niall can clean her.” He said simply shoving me in the bath room charming, this is what I get for making a human cake.  


*Liam’s POV*  

I returned back to see Niall now kissing the face of Eloise while eating the mixture as well urm well that’s a sight I could have done without seeing.  

“Where has Emma gone?” Louis asked flicking through the channels on the TV.  

“I shoved her into the shower.” I replied with joining him on the sofa. “Looks like things are going to be alright now doesn’t it, I mean Harry never has to know and she doesn’t have to do this alone any more.”  

“Yeah looks like it which is good, I just don’t know what Emma would do if she saw Harry right now after all these years.” Eloise said pulling away from Niall’s lips.  

“Yeah but think of this, Harry hasn’t been right since Emma left has he? I thought it was because she left but now I think it’s more because of what he did, I know it was bad but I bet he feels some guilt.” Zayn pointed out, we had all noticed he hadn’t been the same for a long time at all but I never thought of it that way.  

“I guess.” Everyone mumbled.  

We sat in silence for a few moments then with the only noise being Emma’s singing coming from the shower making us all burst into laughter after the silent moments, until we heard a noise downstairs, the noise of the door being shut turning us all stone silent again.  

“Hello anyone home?” Harry shouted up the stairs as we all froze.

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