It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


4. Part 4-The Truth Comes Out


At first I just stood there with the shape of an ‘O’ on my face. “What the…” was all I could say at first. “EMMA!” Louis shouted picking me up and spinning me around till I was dizzy, I was in too much shock to resist.  

Louis put me down laughing putting a finger under my chin and closing my mouth. “SURPRISE!” they all then shouted making my mouth drop back open again while I thought of words to say. “Oh my god how? What?” I asked as a smile grew on my face slightly now realising these where three of the people I had left behind that day, Louis, Liam and Zayn three of the boys I had missed so much.  

“Well now that is a secret.” Liam said tapping his nose giving me a big hug followed by Zayn. That was not a secret I knew too well how they had found about me; Eloise.  

“Oh god typical she cannot keep that big gob shut!” I shouted emphasizing the word gob.  

“Shit she is going to kill us now! We told her we wouldn’t do anything!” Zayn moaned yes that was true they should be worried Eloise was an urm powerful person let’s put it that way.  

I laughed at their worried expressions as they started to walk towards the door to enter until…  

“Mummy who is that?” Rosie’s voice came from the room next to me making my smile drop, I had completely forgotten about everything.  

“Who on the earth is that?!” Louis asked with a look of confusion on his face. I searched for words in my head but nothing came, all that I could think of saying was ‘shit, shit, shit, shit’.  

“Urm that well that is urm…” I thought for a second scratching my head but before I could reply Rosie came running into the hall way with chocolate all over her mouth.  

“Mummy did you not hear me I said who is at the door!” She said putting her hands on her hips, she was a very demanding 3 year old.  

“Oh urm sorry darling I didn’t and I think you know who they are.” I said quietly looking other to my friend’s whose jaws were nearly touching the floor.  

“Oh my gosh no way Uncle Louis, Uncle Liam and Uncle Zayn!” She shouted running over to them hands raised with a look of happiness on her face. They all stood there shocked looking from me to Rosie as their jaws dropped further. Liam was the first to speak slightly shocked and stuttering kneeling down to Rosie’s height making little Rosie’s face light up.  

“You know who we are?” he asked confused.  

“Yeah of course I do silly Uncle Liam!” Rosie laughed wrapping her arms around Liam’s neck making him pick her up and bring tears to my eyes. “I know all of you there is you Uncle Liam, Uncle Zayn, Uncle Louis, Uncle Niall and Auntie Eloise you are all Daddy’s and Mummy’s best friends.  

‘Oh shit there was no going back now, well done Rosie.’ I thought to myself as everyone looked at me again.  

“Mummy and Daddy’s best friends?” Louis stuttered out.  

I nodded slightly before speaking rubbing away a tear escaping from my eye. “Louis, Zayn, Liam meet Rosie, mine and…” I gulped slightly before saying his name and confessing. “…Harry’s daughter.” The tears were falling so much now that was it the secret was out.  

“Mummy why are you crying shouldn’t you be happy they are here!” Rosie said clapping her hands cutely.  

“Yeah I’m sorry Rosie, I’m so sorry all of you.” I apologised shakily rubbing the tears away.  

“Hey you don’t need to be sorry come here!! Louis said wrapping his arms around me shhing me as I cried into his t-shirt soaking it, after so many years and it had all come out, everything was going to be ruined.  

“Urm Rosie do you mind if I borrow Zayn for a minute so me and the guys can have a catch up. I tried to pull Zayn away from sitting on the sofa watching the kid’s channels with Rosie.  

“But Power Rangers is just about to come on and Zayn said he likes that!” Rosie protested, typical.  

“Hey how about we record it and I will watch it with you later.” Zayn suggested putting Rosie down to watch TV on her own and walking towards the kitchen to join Liam, Louis and I.  

“Fine but if any of you make my mummy cry I’m warning you I know your weaknesses especially you Liam my spoon is ready and waiting!” Rosie shouted making us all laugh slightly apart from Liam who was doing an uneven chuckle looking more worried.  

I closed the door leaving Rosie alone and went to join the boys at the table passing them each a drink, I had calmed down a bit since they had first found out but was still a bit shaky and quiet. How could I have been so careless to just let them in again?  

“I’m guessing you want an explanation.” I sighed as they stared at me waiting.  

“Well yes that might help since last time we saw you, you didn’t have a kid, who is adorable by the way and you were storming off leaving us all for a ‘job’ only for none of us to hear from you for 4 years apart from Eloise, who we found out had been in touch the other week.” Liam said taking a sip of his drink.  

“Oh god I’m such an idiot! The whole plan is ruined now I knew I couldn’t do it!” I began to cry again thinking about it all.  

“What are you on about Emma, don’t cry please it’s fine just explain.” Zayn said rubbing my back reassuring me to go on.  

I took a large sigh as I began to explain. “It was on that day were I left everything, where I told you about leaving for a job and the fight with Harry, it was all fake it was all put on.”  

“What so you and Harry didn’t break up?” Louis asked.  

“No we did that part was true but it wasn’t because of the job it’s because I found out I was pregnant that day and well Harry didn’t want the baby, his career with you guys would be over and it was just beginning, it would have all be ruined I couldn’t let that happen so I said I would leave and not come back to any of my old life, I did it for him so we put on the act and I left.”  

“You what?! That was the reason you left and he let you?!” Louis shouted full of anger.  

“No please don’t be mad I’m fine me and Rosie have been fine we have lived a nice life together we didn’t need him, I brought up the idea.” I defended lying slightly god I felt so bad how could I make this look so awful, wait no never mind look it was awful, the whole thing was just fucked up my life for four years had been a huge lie.  

“Emma, the boy let you leave your friends family your whole life just to hide his mistake, he shouldn’t have agreed to in the first place!” Liam protested getting equally as angry.  

“I know he shouldn’t but it’s not like I was completely on my own, I had Rosie and she didn’t grow up without knowing about her Dad or anything, she knows who he is and everything and she has watched him on TV, she looks up to him and she knows full well what a great Dad he is, she knows everything about you boys.”  

“I still can’t believe this Emma, you’re my cousin he had no right to make you stay away from any of us!” Louis protested.  

“I know but he didn’t I had my own free will and choose to do it so I’m equally as bad here!” I shouted back at him leaving him slightly baffled.  

“Right what is with all the shouting who’s upsetting who? Is it you Liam are you upsetting my Mummy because I have my spoon here!” Rosie shouted from the other room making us all just laugh as Liam backed away from the wall slightly.  

“See she even knows about Liam and his weird spoon thing.” I told them laughing slightly. “Please don’t be mad at me or Harry guys I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you, I really am but please I beg of you don’t upset Rosie or tell Harry about today please.” I begged after a few seconds of silence.  

“But..” They all said but were cut off by my daggers knowing to shut up.  

“No shh you know it’s for the best.” I smiled at them maybe everything could work out alright.

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