It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


3. Part 3-Leaving


“IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU ISN’T IT YOU CAN’T JUST BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE CAN YOU?!” He shouted back upsetting me more slightly at how much he looked like he meant it.  

“I am going forever Harry and I hope I don’t ever see you again!” I shouted slightly less loudly this time.  

“Wait what’s going on?! Emma what are you on about?!” Eloise shouted running over to my side.  

“She is leaving Eloise to go for a job! She is leaving us all and we are over!” He shouted leaving everyone gob smacked.  

“What now?!” Niall asked shocked.  

“No in a few minutes if he will let me say good bye to you all!” I said angrily indicating to Harry who nodded and walked to the side with tears falling down his face which he was trying to hide.  

“Emma what the fuck are you on about?” Louis asked with tears in his eyes, shit I had forgotten about leaving him.  

“I’m so sorry Louis, I am so sorry to everyone but I swear no matter how long I don’t see you or however long it is we don’t talk I will see you again I promise, it will be like you’re on tour again just for longer.”  

Louis shook his head from side to side in disbelief staring at me water spilling out of his eyes slightly.  

“Emma you can’t leave me!” Eloise said next to me crying her eyes out we had promised never to leave each other.  

“I’m sorry babe I really am, I wish it didn’t have to be this way but I promise no matter how many years it is we don’t talk will come back one day you’re my best mate.”  

“No please babe don’t go!” She whipped away tears while pleading.  

“I’m so sorry be strong babe, you have all the guys here to look after you and I promise I will come back some day and we can do all the things we planned again I just really need this job.” I wrapped my arms around her shhing her while trying to hold back my tears I was going to miss her so much. “I love you babe, now promise me one thing you will get together with Nialler?” I whispered into her ear so no one else could here attempt to cheer her up.  

“What how did you?” She asked shocked pulling away.  

“I know you too well sweet so do you promise me?” She nodded in reply walking to the side so I could say good bye to everyone else.  

“Why are you doing this Emma if you don’t want it?” Liam asked staring me right in the eyes he knew full well I didn’t want to.  

“No it’s for the best Liam.” I shook my head and pulled him into a hug. I hugged each of the boys saying my good byes and when I came to Niall I whispered something extra into his ear “I know you like her Niall and you better look after her and treat her right while I am gone!” I whispered into his ear making him blush slightly.  

“I will don’t worry Emma.” He told me giving me one last squeeze.  

Now it was time to say good bye to Louis the boy who had been there for me through everything and was a best friend older brother person to me not just a cousin. “I can’t believe you’re doing this Emma! I’m going to miss you so much!” He told me wrapping his arms around me squeezing me so hard I was struggling to breath.  

“I’m going to miss you so much Louis thank you so much for everything you have done for me and I promise this won’t be the last time I see you even if I don’t see you for years.”  

“Shh don’t say that I know we will see each other again soon and I will always be here for you just give me a ring if you need me. I love you cuz you were always like a sister to me.”  

“I love you too.” I said my last good bye to everyone and then turned to see Harry stood by the door way next to my coat, I slowly walked over trying not to burst into tears grabbing my coat and listened as he whispered into my ear the last words I ever heard him say “I am so sorry Emma, I wish things could be different and I always will love you, come back if you can’t do it and I will find you.” I nodded in reply and left the building not looking back trying not to think about how I had just left my  best friends for most likely forever.  


*Present Day*  

Since that day my life has been pretty much just me, it wasn’t the last time I saw all my friends though. When Rosie had just turned two I decided I needed someone just to talk to feel well normal again since recently, I was struggling quite a lot with missing everyone. I decided to ring Eloise the one friend who in the past I had nearly told everything to, the one girl who understood me. I remember listening to the phone ring silently to the number I had from the last time I saw her hoping she hadn’t changed it.  

The rings where silent, until her familiar voice answered at the other end “Hello?” she answered. I had changed my number since everything had happened so if anyone tried to get hold of me they couldn’t leaving her unknown to who was calling.  

“Hi urm is this Eloise?” I asked quietly shaking with nerves.  

“Who is it?” I heard a familiar Irish accent say in the back ground bringing tears to my eyes knowing they were still super close.  

“I have no idea, urm who is this?” she asked me sounding confused. I stood in silence for a minute as tears fell down my cheeks slightly. “Hello is anyone there?” she asked after a while.  

“Yeah sorry I was just a bit shocked, typical of you to keep the same number you goon.” I chuckled knowing she might catch on now.  

“Wait this can’t be, is it?” She was beginning to catch on now her voice was filled with hope more.  

“Hi babe I told you I would ring you again one day, but wait please don’t let the others know who I am if they are there.”  

“Oh my I…urm yeah sorry it took me a second there I haven’t seen you in ages Jen.” She acted as I heard her stand up and walk somewhere carrying on the pretend conversation till I heard a door shut in the back ground. “OH MY GOD! WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?!” She shouted down the phone once the door was closed making me laugh, I had missed her. We spoke for a bit until we decided to agree to meet up that day since Rosie was at nursery.  

I had to drive a fair way to a small cafe where we agreed to meet but I really didn’t care how far away it was. When I arrived and walked in I saw Eloise straight away sat in a corner at the back of the room, she looked exactly the same apart from her hair had been dyed slightly redder. She looked up after a while and her face lit up as she saw me, we both ran to each other wrapping our arms around one and other with tears falling down our faces.  

I didn’t tell Eloise anything about the true story of why I left just kept to the story I had told her to begin with. I gave her my new number and address but told her not to visit without calling me first because I have an unusual flat mate who doesn’t like guests which she agreed and just laughed at.  

I met up with her a few times after that in secret where she informed me her and Niall had been dating for ages now and got together just after I had left. We met up a couple of times a month with the last time we had met up being last week where she had seemed a bit worried.  

*Knock de knock knock* someone knocked on the door again to rhythmic beat reminding me to go answer it. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” I shouted as I walked to the door more quickly unlocking it wondering who on earth it could be, probably some weirdo asking me about my religion or something.  

I pulled the small key out of the door after unlocking it and turned the handle opening the door to see three faces I had not seen in so long, the last three faces I had expected to see in a long time.

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