It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


2. Part 2-The Day it All Changed



I was loving life so much right now I had just finished school had got a brilliant job, brilliant family and friends and best of all the dream boy friend. My boyfriend wasn’t just any guy though it was Harry Styles one of the five young singers in the boy band One Direction which I had loved since day one.  

I hadn’t met Harry in the way girls dream of though, I met him through Louis my cousin who I had been also best mates with since we were tiny. He was also in the band with Harry and had introduced us. Ever since day one Harry and I had hit it off and became great friends, always talking either in person or on the phone when he was busy on tour with the rest of the boys.  

I also got on with the rest of the boys very well they were like my best mates, there was Liam who I always went to for advice since he was the calm sweet one who seemed to have an answer for everything but he also had a crazy wild side where he was really fun. Then there was Niall who was really funny, me and him joked and just seemed to laugh for hours, he was Irish and had a deep accent which I thought was really cute and loved. The last person but defiantly not least was Zayn who was fit to put it simply with dark skin and black spiky hair, he was the one who came out with the hilarious saying that I now say all the time ‘vas appenin?!’ I got on with him really well even though he was a bit shy at first.  

Just after the X Factor finished Harry and I officially started dating and made it public which was slightly weird but I think everyone had been expecting it, there had been a few rumours going around some completely not true and just mad.  

So it was Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry, me and my best mate Eloise who I had also known since I was tiny. Louis, Eloise and I used to play silly little games together and had always got on like the three best friends any one could have until we were joined by everyone else and then we were the seven best friends anyone could ever have.  

Everything was perfect in my life until one day my whole life changed.  

I was meeting everyone today since the boys had just got back from their tour and I hadn’t seen any of them since the show in Manchester where Eloise and I went to meet them and stay back stage. That was the last time I had seen Harry as well it seemed so long ago now even though it was only a few weeks ago.  

My alarm buzzed violently next to my bed making me jump slightly and fling forward smacking my alarm hard. I had a hatred for alarms, always have done they always make me jump. I groaned slightly sitting up in my bed, I had a horrible stomach feeling and horrible taste in my mouth. I quickly covered my mouth as I ran towards the toilet where I threw up.  

I was never sick ever. Even when I felt sick I could never be sick. I groaned slightly as I washed around my mouth just before I threw up again. This was so weird I was NEVER sick why now? I walked slowly back into my bedroom groaning slightly rubbing my stomach to hopefully calm it down.  

That’s when I thought of it the horrible theory I prayed could not be true. “Shit please please say it’s not!” I whispered under my breath running towards my calendar on the wall to check the date swearing under my breath as I ran my finger over the days.  

“Oh fuck.” I swore again, I was late about a couple of weeks or so late and throwing up which I never did. “Please no no no.” I began to panic pacing up and down my bedroom breathing heavily. At first I picked my phone up questioning if I should ring someone but then decided against it, if anyone should know what was happening it would be Harry but I couldn’t tell him this until I was sure.  

Once I had calmed down I had headed to the pharmacy on the other side of town where nobody knew me and got a pregnancy test rushing home with it and heading straight to the bath room. Not long later I came out of the bath room holding the white stick that would probably change my life. My phone buzzed saying time was up, I took a deep breath and then turned over to see it. ‘Positive’ It said right there on the white stick in them dreaded black letters. “Oh fuck.” I whispered, this really can not end good.  

I slowly walked to the studio doors where I was meeting everyone, before opening the door I took a deep breath and slowly opened it stepping inside. I walked down a long corridor to the room where we normally hung out where I found most of my friends except Harry. “EMMA!” Everyone shouted standing up and running towards me for hugs not noticing a thing…until Louis stopped just in front of me with a concerned look on his face ‘shit I should have known he would notice something was wrong.’ I thought to myself as I stood awkwardly in front of him. “Emma are you okay? You look very pale.” He pointed out making everyone examine my face and nodding in agreement.  

“Oh yeah I was feeling a bit sick this morning, you know me can never be sick so it is worse.” I lied.  

“What’s this?! Is my baby ill?!” Harry suddenly shouted from behind me making me jump slightly. He ran over to my side examining me.  

“Well sort of I’m fine now, don’t worry.” I told him sweetly giving him a big hug; I had missed our hugs so much while he had been on tour, just hugging him made my legs still go numb.  

“Awh well good because if you were ill I wouldn’t be able to give you your kiss would I?” Harry winked at me before kissing my lips softly making me forget all the crap happening right now.  

I pulled away smiling and biting my lip until reality came back to me. “Urm Harry I really need to talk to you.” I whispered to him noticing everyone had gone to sit on the sofas, I also noticed Eloise and Niall sitting very close together.  

*Note to self-find out what is happening there*.  

“Oh okay we can go in this back room.” He directed me to a room I had never noticed before taking me inside quietly without anyone seeming to realise. “So what is it beautiful?” Harry asked looking confused.  

I took a deep shaky breath before speaking. “Right I don’t know how to say this or how you are going to react Harry so I’m just going to say it quick.”  

“Okay tell me.” He edged me on taking my hand in his.  

I took a deep breath then just spat it out “I’m pregnant Harry.” I whispered and as soon as I did Harry dropped my hand along with his jaw which seemed to fall to the floor.  

“What? How we used protection and oh my god are you sure?” Harry started panicking running his hands through his curls shaking his head.  

“Yes I’m sure I took a test and I know it must have broken or something I don’t know but Harry I have been thinking about it and I am going to keep it I can’t abort it.” I said with tears falling freely down my cheeks.  

“Are you sure you want to keep this it could ruin your life!” Harry said kind of loudly scaring me slightly.  

“Yes I’m sure I am so sorry Harry.” Tears were falling down both of our cheeks.  

“I can’t have a baby the record label will drop us and everything my whole life will be ruined!” Harry said slightly quieter but still frustrated, I knew it now the worst was going to happen I had lost him now he didn’t want this baby.  

I sighed deeply I had been thinking about this long and hard and the words I was about to say I knew would kill me forever. “I know, you don’t have to do anything Harry your life is brilliant I won’t let it be ruined.” Harry and I hadn’t been dating for very long, we were both in love with each other but it had never come up the thought of being pregnant with his child hadn’t even come into my mind and the thought of him giving his life up for the chance he might stay with me just didn’t seem fair. A big large lump filled my throat just after saying them words which I soon felt like I regretted.  

“What are you talking about are you going to abort it then we can forget all about this?” Harry said looking hopeful I had never thought he would have acted this way even though I knew he probably didn’t want it.  

“No I’m not because unlike you I am not just going to just push my mess under my bed I am going to deal with it and face it!” I shouted at him slightly mad at the way he had reacted.  

“So how then?” he shot back at me.  

“I will leave and not come back, no one will ever know about the baby but us or that you are the Dad.” I was shaking and crying a lot now but trying to be strong.  

“What you would just drop your life and leave everyone for ever for me?” He asked shocked.  

“Yeah because you do that sort of thing when you are in love and you would normally do anything to make sure they are happy but I see you aren’t going to let it go my way and be happy for us with our baby so looks like it is down to me.” I shouted fiercely at Harry crying my eyes out now making Harry cry as well. “But I know you are doing this for the most important thing ever which is your career and I don’t want to ruin that for you and I know I am meant to be mad at you but I can’t be mad at you Harry.” I whispered slightly calmer after a few awkward seconds of silence the words were just coming out of my mouth before I could even think what was happening.  

“Are you sure about this Emma?” Harry then asked me bringing more tears to my eyes, this was really happening now. I nodded quietly letting a tear fall down my face. “You know I do love you so much but right now just isn’t the time and I promise you this won’t be the last time we meet, in the future we will meet when everything is calmer and I will come find you soon. I just can’t believe you’re doing this for me.” Harry said to me quietly wrapping his arms around me, just holding me and letting me cry into his shoulder making my heart break even more as I inhaled his scent.  

“Well we better make it look convincing we will have to pretend to fight now because I have to leave for a job or something and make a scene in front of the others then I will say good bye and go.” I removed myself from Harry him whipping his tears and nodding I needed to do this quick while my head wasn’t straight because I knew deep down, this was right.  

I stood ready to open the door to storm out. I could tell he looked uncertain but as he opened his mouth I stopped him with my finger letting the only words come out of his mouth ‘I love you’ with tears in his eyes just before I flung the door open.  

“I’M SICK OF YOU HARRY! I AM LEAVING FOR THIS JOB AND NOT COMING BACK IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!” I shouted at him putting on quite a good act and making all our friends heads snap up towards us, no going back now.

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