It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


16. Part 16


*Louise’s POV*  

I was so happy recently I don’t remember a time when I’ve been happier, when Louis took me on our first date I was so worried that it would be awkward since we hadn’t known each other long and that it would just all go bad but it was nothing like that, he had gone for the simple dinner which he booked a table away from everyone else which was so cute with everything perfect and nothing was awkward.    

Then after the meal he said he had one more surprise and drove up to Gracefold Cliff a place where you could see for miles, he covered my eyes and refused to let me see anything about my surroundings until he was ready. He even put up with me attempting to lick his hand that was covering me eyes sadly I only just touched it because I don’t have to tongue of a giraffe.  

It was defiantly worth that wait thought when he pulled his hands away I could see an amazing view for miles with right in the middle of a field spelt the words ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ in fairy lights. I was speechless not because I didn’t like it because it was just amazing!  

I think I may have squeaked with happiness.  

Yes that is correct I squeaked like a meerkat before turning around and saying ‘OF COURSE I WILL!’ as he picked me up his arms and swung me round in the air grinning his perfect grin before our lips met and I don’t know if you have ever felt this with a guy but I certainly haven’t till that night I felt a spark through my lips letting butterflies going crazy in my stomach one of the most rememable moments I will ever have.  

I couldn’t be happier with the people around me as well. The other boys girlfriends were so nice and I got on really well with them and so were all the boys. There are two things on my mind though that kept me constantly wondering, one being the small thing of WHEN IS THAT LIAM GONNA ASK MY BEST MATE OUT?!  

It was so obvious they liked each other why not just ask her out for god’s sake, I know and I repeat KNOW Nessa likes him a lot since I have only heard Liam this Liam that constantly ever since she met him.  

The second thing I’m not sure if it was just my mind wondering and being silly but I felt like something was being kept from me, something all the boys knew and Eloise and I think it may have something to do with Emma.  

I know it’s proberly me being silly but a lot of the time she can’t come with us and whenever I ask why Louis just tells me she is busy at the moment then completely shuts up about that whole conversation.  

The on top of all that everyone is always talking in quiet to her asking her questions especially Harry when it’s just them two with him always going to her house and staying the night but her never coming her to stay the night it was all weird.  

I had noticed Malaikah and Nessa had noticed too as they would have the same look as me when I was wondering but Eloise just acted just like the boys were.  

“Lou can I ask you something?” I was going to do it I didn’t like wondering anymore I felt like everyone was hiding something from me.  

“Sure babe what is it?” He asked me.  

“Answer me honestly is there something I don’t know about Emma?” I just said slightly regretting it when I had as Louis face changed and he stuttered slightly shocked by my question unsure of what to say. “Please just tell me the truth Louis!”  

“I really want to Louise but I can’t, it’s not my place to say.” I could tell he wanted to so then why didn’t he, I felt a bit stupid but so many questions were running through my mind like ‘Does he not trust me?’  

“Oh okay.” I just looked away and began to walk away to find the others somewhere in the house with Louis shouting after me.  


*Emma’s POV*  

I sat down with Harry and the others I hadn’t been able to do this in a long time with Rosie just see everyone including the girls, I really did miss it and felt left out a lot. We were all at the boys house because we needed to decide a few things, the boys were going to start filming for the new singing TV show ‘Now Or Never’ which they were presenting and before they went to start the filming and things since a lot of it would be live they had a certain TV show to go on.  

I was sat talking to Malaikah she was so lovely, I hadn’t spoken to her lots since I hadn’t been able to come over here because of Rosie but I was getting to really get on with her. I did feel bad though that I hadn’t told her, Nessa or Louise about Rosie and I could tell they were getting suspicious and knew I was hiding something.  

I noticed Louise come in really quickly throwing the door open and sitting down in one of the chairs not looking any of us the eyes slowly followed by distressed looking Louis. “I urm need to talk to you Em please.” He asked me indicating for us to talk in private in the hall. I stood up confused and followed him giving a confused glance towards the others especially Harry.  

“Are you okay Lou you look distressed?” I asked once we were out of listening area of curious ears that I knew full well would proberly be there and at least one of them pressed against the wall most likely Niall, Eloise and Harry and in Louis bedroom.  

“I am stressed out Em! I’ve had Louise always asking me where you are and why you can’t come to certain places with us all the time, which I thought I had covered up but then she asked me today if we were all hiding something from her and when I told her I couldn’t tell her she stormed off looking upset, I don’t know what to do!” He let out in one go throwing himself backwards on to his bed.  

I knew she was curious all the girls were and now my secret was getting in the way of their relationship. Guilt was striking through me as a huge pulse of energy. I had no choice I had to tell them even if I didn’t know if I could trust them yet.  

“Okay well urm I’m sorry Louis for getting in between you and Louise I will go tell everyone now.” I turned around to leave when Louis grabbed my arm and pulled me back raising his thumb up to my face and moving a tear I didn’t even realise had fallen away.  

“No please don’t cry.” He said looking at me.  

“I’m sorry but Louis how do you expect me not to cry I’m scared as fuck to tell them! I mean what if they tell someone!”  

“They won’t you need to fight this and not be scared they wouldn’t tell anyone you’ve just got…” He stopped himself as he ran his hands through his hair frustrated.  

“Go on say it, just say it Louis you’ve started now finish!” I shouted at him, I had never shouted at him before. “Just finish what you were going to say!”  

“Fine you’ve got trust issues! You’ve got it with everyone, you’re scared to trust people you lock yourself up and you won’t let hardly anyone in!” He shouted back I felt my cheeks get wet; we had never had an actual argument before until today.  

“Can you blame me for fucks sake?” Anger was taking over my emotions now just wanting to be realised. “People I trust have broken the biggest promises! I’ve always had to hide for ages, I feel sometimes like no one wants me after these past few years I’m scared of what people will think Lou! I’m scared people will hate me and I will have to leave again! Do you know how hard it is to have no one to hide all the time, to be alone?” I had never shouted at anyone like that before, never told anyone that before but I couldn’t help it.  

I saw Louis eyes cover with a layer of shinny tears as he stuttered and opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted with the door flying open and Harry bursting in. “What the fuck is going on, why are you shouting?!” Was all he said looking between me and Louis before running over to me and pulling me in his arms as he saw me crying.. .again. “What the hell have you said to her Louis?! Of all the people I would never expect you to make her cry like this what the hell have to said to her?!” He was getting mad very mad letting go of me stepping closer to Louis fists clenched.  

“I’m so..orry Em I didn’t realise, just please don’t listen to me, I’m sorry.” He stuttered trying to get past Harry.  

“No you’re not going hear her till you tell me why she is crying like that!” Harry shouted scaring me how close they were getting to a fight.  

“What the hell is going on in here, don’t you two dare start throwing bloody punches in here and upset Emma more than she is ‘cause if you do there will be more than each other to worry about!” Eloise shouted getting between the two holding her hands on each chest mostly on Harry as Louis wasn’t the one to fight.  

“He thinks I should tell the others.” I said quietly but enough for them to hear. I couldn’t help but notice all the boys had rushed through with the girls behind looking confused about it all.  

“No Emma don’t listen to him you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, I can’t believe you said that to her your meant be her cousin don’t you have a clue?!” Harry shouted again more concentrating on Louis stepping forward again to receive a shove back from Eloise and some stern words.  

“I know now, I realised what I said was wrong I didn’t mean it Emma I’m sorry Harry is right don’t listen to me.” Louis said trying to cover it up, I just shook my head I had to at some point and the quicker I said it the quicker I could get out of there.  

I turned to the confused girls looking at me waiting. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner..” I began being interrupted by a few of the others telling me I didn’t have to but I carried on. “…I urm I have urm I’m a mum, with a little girl who is now three.”  

The dreaded silence filled the air with jaws dropping open from the three of them.  

“And I’m the prick of a Dad who at first wanted nothing to do with the baby and asked Emma to leave regretting it till this very day.” Harry said quietly next to me hanging his head in shame, I need to get out of there now out of the awkwardness, running again, I was beginning to feel like Forest Gump running.  

RUN FOREST RUN! Was all I could hear running through my head.  


I ran into a room and shut the door tightly behind me leaning against it sighing with relief, the tears had stopped now as if there was none left to leak. I felt more tired and fed up with everything now.  

I noticed I had run into Niall and Eloise’s bedroom, I had never been in here before but I could tell it was theirs. I smiled as I looked around there was a mini fridge hiding at the side of the room making me laugh typical they keep their own stash of food. I continued to search the room to find a series of pictures in frames stood in various places around the large area. I scanned them all finding a lot of each other’s family, celebrities that they had met in the past and then ones of us lot.  

I smiled looking at them all some were very old before all this happened around the time of the X Factor when I had just started seeing Harry there was so many photos of us all laughing bringing back memories. I then started to notice of pictures ones of them all without me while I was gone looking happy but I guess not the same in a way a lot of them Harry wasn’t there either.  

I couldn’t help but say ‘awwww’ when I saw the next lot of photos there was a huge collage of photos of Niall and Eloise starting with the oldest ones at the right then the newer ones going towards the left of the two of them, with a small message at the end.  

‘Dear Eloise, Happy 2 year anniversary! I love you so much and I wasn’t sure what to give you but decided this was the best present I want to give you something to remember our memories from the beginning which you can add on too as time goes by! I have loved being with you for these two years and can’t wait to spend the rest of my future with you, I know times in the past have been hard but I know it will turn out good in the end it has to! Thank you for being the perfect girlfriend I LOVE YOU! P.S I made you a cake…but I ate it sorry ;)’ I burst out laughing at the last line with a picture of what was left of the cake after Niall had finished with it.  

They were the perfect couple and I knew they were going to be together forever they just had to be they were the strongest out of us all. For some reason then I realised Niall was right things do turn out fine in the end and when I have my friends I have no need to worry anymore, I no longer felt scared or worried I felt happy.  

Who would have thought it Niall was a secret wizard with knowledge! The Wizard of Knowledge from the land of potatoes.  

I heard a small knock on the door and turned around to see a guilty looking Louis walk through the door. I ran over to him and threw my arms around his neck saying a quick sorry into his ear with him replying  with a apology twice as big as mine none stopping with rambling words.  

I chuckled and stopped him smiling saying I forgave him. “Stop apologising Lou I know you mean it and I realise now you’re right, but I’ve got to stop living in the past and just be happy with the future and stop worrying.”  

Louis looked confused but gave me a weak smile. “They won’t tell anyone they’ve already said and they’ve spoken to Harry about it all they know the full story…”  

“Please don’t tell me they got angry and ate him?” I asked completely serious remembering everyone else’s reaction.  

“No don’t worry they realise how Harry is here for you now and they’re thrilled you have a little daughter asking when they can meet her and everything. They want to join the Uncle and Auntie clan now.”  

I chuckled knowing full well that would be fine with Rosie she would just see it as more presents. I gave Louis one last hug and a ‘Thank you’ before heading back to see the others. I could sense the tension as I walked in everyone worried what my reaction would be now.  

“Well I guess now you know, I better say Welcome to the family!” I said smiling everyone’s face softened.  

“We won’t tell anyone Emma we swear you have nothing to worry about, we can’t wait to meet her she sounds so cute!” Nessa said as they all hugged me before I headed over to Harry.  

“I know things have been hard but everything will be fine in end it has to be.” I looked over to Niall as I said this obviously recognising the saying but not sure where from. As long as you have the ones you love Niall is correct everything will turn out fine.  

“Oh and to make it better remember what show you’re all going on tomorrow!” Eloise pointed out grinning as we all looked at Niall and couldn’t help but all shout in unison…  

“POTATO!” yes that’s right they’re all going on the one the only celebrity juice!

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