It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


15. Part 15


*Harry’s POV*  

I walked over to Zayn who was sat on one of the sofas texting…again.  

“Hey man you okay?” I asked sitting next to him making him jump and grasp his chest in an over exaggerated movement. “Bit jumpy are we?” I wiggled my eyebrows at him jokingly.  

“No course not just took me by surprise when I was…”  

“Texting a special someone?” I finished off his sentence once again wiggling my eye brows making his rise and his face blush.  

“No no just a friend.” He lied.  

“Right ok is this ‘friend’ by any chance a girl?”  


“And maybe is this ‘friend’ called Malaikah?” His eyeballs grew then.  

“What? Who? Rosie!” He mumbled with annoyance. “And I bought her that bloody Barbie to keep her gob shut.”  

“Mate you got her a Bratz doll they’re nowhere near enough, do you know nothing about bribery?” I asked laughing while he shook his head resting it in the palm of his hand. I had wanted to question him ever since Rosie told Emma and me after a bit of bribery of our own.  

Just then Emma came over smiling I knew she was going to mention it as well. “Hey Zayn how is that friend of yours? Urm was it Malaikah?” She said sitting on my knee grinning.  

“YOU KNOW TOO?!” Zayn mid shouted attracting some attention of the others but not much, they seemed too involved in their own conversations.  

“I’m her Mother Zayn she respects me and tells me everything.” Zayn and I both burst out laughing when she said that.  

“Aw Emma you make me laugh.” Zayn smiled calming down as Emma frowned deeply.  

“Yeah whatever but we won’t tell anyone but we want to meet her soon, got that?” She smiled with him sighing and nodding in reply. “Good lad.” She said tapping him on the head with him doing a small ‘woof’ in reply I think…yes I was correct now he is pretending to pant with his tongue out. What even is he?      


*Emma’s POV* - a couple of weeks later  

I smiled receiving another text from Louise, as she had a third worry/panic attack. Tonight was her first date with Louis after they had been none stop talking about each other since they met Louis finally asked her out.  

-Em seriously pleaseee tell me where he is taking me I NEED TO KNOW!xxxx  

The message made me chuckle I had helped Louis plan tonight and I wasn’t going to spill the beans now, I text her back quickly smiling.  

-Never! Sorry babe, just stop worrying and relax! It will be fine and I know you will have a good time:) xxxx  

I click the sent button quickly, I had gotten quite close to Louise and gotten re-close with Nessa after meeting them again at the meal. It was so nice to see Nessa again and was great to meet Louise, neither of them knew the truth as to why I left or knew about Rosie because I was just too afraid for anyone to find out really.  

I text Louis a quick ‘Good Luck!’ for tonight knowing he was really hoping it would go well but I knew it would he had planned a great evening.  

I headed into the living room after grabbing a bar of chocolate and a cup of tea the start to my perfect evening. I stood still smiling in the door way in awe at the sight in front of me; Harry was sat singing softly in Rosie’s ear while rubbing patterns along her eyelids a technique he used to use on me when I couldn’t sleep.  

Her eye lids slowly rest shut as a small smile left sat on her face but Harry didn’t stop he continued to sing softly into her ear but now running his fingers through her soft curly/wavy hair completely un aware of me watching.  

“Do you use that technique on all yours girls Styles?” I asked quietly making Harry jump at the sound of my voice but his facial expressions softened from a shocked one to a happy one as I approached him sitting next to him with our daughter, life was finally good.  


*Eloise’s POV*    

“Niall if you don’t stop teasing me you’re banned from Nandos for a week!” I threatened Niall as he hung a strawberry covered in chocolate in front of my face pulling it back every time I went for it. My sudden threat of being banned from his beloved chicken got him though and I felt the sweet strawberry finally in my mouth as I giggled at how quick he had shoved it in.  

“Damn you for knowing my weakness!” He scowled at me jokingly but pulled me into a hug under his arm.  

Everyone was out tonight and we had the whole of the boy’s apartment to ourselves. Louis was on his first date with Louise, Zayn was at Malaikah’s house, a girl who he had started going out with after we got to meet her a few days ago and we had encouraged Zayn to ask her out or in other words we told him to grab some balls and stop being such a girl followed by a ‘team talk’ from Emma which involved a lot of..    

‘Are you man or are you cat?!’ and…    

‘Don’t be such a Robin be Batman’ followed by a few other encouraging yet bazaar comments, as for Harry he was at Emma’s house and Liam was out with Nessa who he was still in need of asking out but refused to as he wanted to ‘take it slow’.  

“I love you so much Eloise.” Niall said completely randomly setting butterflies off in my stomach still, we had been together for years and I still got that amazing feeling.  

“I love you too Niall.” I smiled bringing my lips down on his as I saw him smile back up at me.  

“You know I never want this to end me and you I really do want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He whispered into my ear as I cuddled into his chest I had always wanted Niall to say that.  

“And I couldn’t think of a better person to share my future with Niall.” I whispered in return as I felt the soft feeling of Niall kiss my head, this was proberly the happiest I had ever felt.      

I was woken by banging. “MORNING..ahh shit think we’ve interrupted something!” I heard Zayn’s familiar yet annoying voice at this time of the morning.  

I looked around to see I was laid on Niall with his arms wrapped carefully around me we must have fallen asleep like this. “Zayn go away I’m tired!” I said launching a cushion at his head which just missed as he ducked causing it to hit Malaikah directly in the face.  

“Zayn you idiot you’re not meant to duck you’re meant to stand like a man in front of your girlfriend!” I shouted this time Niall throwing a cushion at him as he agreed with me causing a stunned Malaikah to laugh. “Sorry by the way Malaikah you okay?” I asked getting up and giving her a hug.  

“Yes thanks and yourself?” she asked in reply I had gotten on with Malaikah from day one I had gotten on with all the guys girlfriends from day one really which I guess was a good thing otherwise I’m sensing awkwardness for life.  

“Good but what are you doing back so early?”  

“Oh well Zayn has got a surprise for everyone so has rung them all and they are heading back here now!” She replied causing me to raise my eyebrows at her but she just shook her head and walked over to Zayn who was grinning while putting his arm around her and kissing her forehead.  

Bless their young love but still I.hate.when.people.know.things.I.don’t.  

I sighed frustrated I didn’t know and went to sit back with an equally confused Niall. Soon everyone was arriving in there couples confused as to why they had been summoned. Now we were just waiting for of course Harry and Emma they were always late but I guess that wasn’t surprising they were proberly trying to find someone to take Rosie since Nessa, Malaikah and Louise still had no idea she existed.  

“So sorry I’m late guys!” I heard Harry come running in to the front room. “Emma couldn’t make it we couldn’t find anyone to…oh hey…everyone is here!” Harry realised when he saw the girls looking at him confused.  

“Oh ok well we can start I guess then, right so I got a call from Uncle Simon today and well he has invited us to take part in a new talent TV show thing he is doing as presenters!” Everyone grew large smiles on their faces. “It’s a talent show for singing but like instead of performing you have to do tasks and challenges that we have to present!” Everyone all of a sudden got super excited at the very thought and started cheering. A show with One Direction presenting was going to be unbelievable.  

“Wow that is going to be amazing you have to say yes!” I said to everyone with everyone agreeing leaving Zayn to ring Simon back confirming the news.    

“You guys are going to turn this show crazy aren’t you?” Louise asked with them all growing devilish grins on their faces.  

“We sure will make it interesting if that’s what you want to call it.” Louis said wiggling his eyebrows dear god help them contestants! I also noticed Louis and Louise where very close I’m guessing last night had gone really well.  

I raised an eyebrow at Louise and she started chuckling with laughter nodding as she snuggled into Louis more, everyone seemed to notice since the girls started smiling like crazy and the guys were giving the thumbs up to a smiling Louis.  

I couldn’t help but notice how Nessa was a bit quiet about it all, I could tell she really liked Liam and had since she had met him but he was just taking to long, I was sensing another ‘talk’ of support from us all later.  

I saw Harry pulling out his phone to ring Emma bless him he was never five minutes away from her.  

“Oh I forgot to say it starts it two weeks they’ve already got people for it, is that ok?” Zayn asked holding the phone just slightly away covering the speaker with everyone nodding and putting their thumbs up.  

Well this was going to be an experience for the boys and us but what would that experience involve…

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