It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


13. Part 13


Liam’s POV  

I walked down the corridor searching for the familiar sign of the men toilets. We were about to get interviewed live on TV after everything that had happened. The word seemed to get out quick once Emma had been confirmed to be inside the house and soon loads of reporters were outside leaving us having to call the police to get them to leave.  

Rumours had been spreading quickly, twitter was going mental with questions and everyone just wanted an answer. Simon had even rung Harry to find out what was going on and organised us with an interview to answer all the questions.  

I knew how nervous Emma was, she used to be fine around the fans, most of them loved her back when she was with Harry but I guess things could change big time if they found out about Rosie, yes we love our fans and would do just about anything for them but when they start sending abuse to the ones you love it upsets you so we try to hide girlfriends from everything at first.  

I whistled to myself not really paying attention to where I was going just trying to figure out what sort of questions we would be asked in the interview, proberly about the recent rumours. I suddenly felt my body collide with someone else’s knocking us both back.  

“Ahh crap I’m sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going.” I said picking up the various pieces of paper and things they had dropped.  

“Oh no sorry it was my fault I’m so clumsy.” A young girl’s voice replied back.  

“Haha I know the feeling.” I replied as I picked up the last bits before.   

“God cursing you with forever clumsy skills as well then?” The voice spoke again followed by a cute bubbly giggle. I smiled at her cute giggle before looking up to see her face. She had long curly hair that fell passed her shoulders with a pair of big green eyes.  

I noticed her jaw drop slightly as she saw me, I knew what was coming next the ‘Oh my god you’re Liam Payne can I have your autograph!’ line.  

“I’m Vanessa but you can call me Nessa.” She smiled holding her hand out which I took happily in mine and shook politely. I was so certain she knew who I was but she hadn’t said a thing.  

“Urm hi I’m Liam you can call me Liam.” I joked as I helped her up still holding onto some of the items she had dropped.  

“Alright then Liam nice to meet you, I really wish I could stay and talk longer but I have to go.” She replied taking the pieces of various papers off me and walking off before I could say a word.  


*Harry’s POV*  

“Okay promise me you want me to do this and you’re okay with it?” I asked down the phone.  

“Yes just let it be over with, I don’t want people to get more suspicious and start asking more questions Harry I can’t have everyone finding out about Rosie.” Emma replied.  

“Alright well I have to go get ready now, I promise everything will be okay don’t worry and I will ring you straight after, I love you.”  

“I believe you and I love you too” Them last three words sent the butterflies off once again, that feeling never got old.  

I put the phone down and started pacing up and down the room waiting for the call to the interview. “Harry mate sit down you’re worrying us here!” Louis said biting his nails a habit of his.  

I couldn’t get more worried, I felt like I had worry bugs eating me inside. I needed something to take my mind of things and quick before we got called in. I looked around to see Zayn snoring slightly next to me I had a plan, it wasn’t too evil though.  

Only a minute now until we have to go for the live interview. Liam had just returned from god knows where looking slightly puzzled yet happy, well this is a change, it has to be big if it’s puzzling him slightly, he seems to know what to do about nearly everything.  

I was about to go talk to him when we got called in to take our places while adverts were on. The nerves showed then as I stuttered but kept myself strong. I stood up with a nod from Louis indicating towards the door him putting his arm behind me patting my back reassuringly.  

*BANG!* “Ow! What the fuck! RIGHT WHO TIED MY SHOE LACE TOGETHER?!” Zayn shouted as he struggled to untie my triple knot as we all burst out laughing.  

“I have no idea what you’re on about!” I said innocently shouted out of them room before he could accuse me.  

I sat quickly in the chair and waited for the questions.  


*Emma’s POV*  

I returned from putting Rosie down to sleep to see the adverts just finished, here we go. I sat down next to Eloise on the comfy sofa, she had decided to come round to watch it with me for today. I hated the thought of having to listen to this presenter women talk in her overly happy voice, I hated her voice I’m not sure why but the way they talk all posh and giggle weirdly was so annoying, it just all seemed so fake. Presenters should at least be happy and look like they honestly care. I could even do a better job, at least I could think of some way to keep the audience entertained, maybe change my accent from time to time to confuse them.  

My train of thoughts was interrupted by that rude voice bringing me back to reality and away from my dream world of being a TV presenter.  

“Right ladies get ready to scream ‘cause here is One Direction!” The women announced as the camera zoomed out onto them all, I could see Harry was nervous but hiding it well enough so no one else would really notice.  

At first the normal questions were asked which I think relaxed him more but left me more anxious, I just wanted them to ask that dreaded question already.  

“Right, now let’s clear up a few rumours shall we? I think we all know you guys have been in the papers a bit more than usual this week, especially with Harry.” The women said in her calm voice causing me to tense with her stupid suspension skills CURSE YOU ITV1 PRESENTERS! It’s like X Factor all over again!  

“Yeah we’ve had a bit of extra rumours going around this week.” Niall replied for him keeping the image looking calm.  

“There has been a lot of rumours come from this picture firstly.” The women began as a picture flashed up on the TV in between them, it was of me and Harry kissing in the back garden. “And then this picture, both of your ex Emma Tomlinson am I right?” Then a picture of me flashed up stunned looking towards the cameras when I opened the door, which was the first time I had ever seen that one and dear god it was bad. “So urm care to explain the situation for us all.” Her voice was annoying me now it was like she was a police officer in search for that important vital information.  

Eloise gave my hand a reassuring squeeze which I replied with a small smile. They all looked towards Harry as he did his awkward cough clearing his throat. “Yes your right that is my ex Emma well was my ex I can confirm we are now back happily together.” He said smiling looking relieved to get the information out.  

“Aw how cute, no one has seen her for so long though with you guys, what happened?”  

“Well Emma is my cousin and a close friend of all of us so we always knew we would have her back again it just took time because she went away for a bit.” Louis explained not revealing much I’ve taught him well.  

“Another question we all want to know is why did she go away and why did you break up because everyone thought you were both the new young couple forever in love.”  

Does this woman want to get shot?! Or is she going to shut up taunting and acting.  

Everyone stuttered not knowing what to say but me and Harry had planned this, we had been using this lie for so long it felt real “It wasn’t working out then, Emma had found a new job and we just thought it would be the best for us both.” He said it so well it sounded real, so well practised it was untrue. I saw the boys heads drop slightly also noticing how well told the lie, the same lie we had told them. “But that time should never have happened, I regret it and now I just want everything to go back for me and Emma she is just the same and better now.”  

That last line did it for me them water layers on my eyes just decided to give up holding still and escape but they were happy tears instead of sad, like relief instead of worry.  

“Ok well I think that’s it for today for everything thanks for coming on the show boys…” I was so happy not even her voice could annoy me “…next is cooking with Jenny where today we’re making pasta, stay tuned.” until she did that MOMENT RUINER!

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