It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


11. Part 11-Papped


“Oh my god they’ve been papped!” Niall shouted looking at his front cover which read ‘Styles steals blonde curls heart once again!’ with the same picture but with them kissing. I skipped a few pages to the article inside seeing the same title again followed by a large centre of text which read.. ‘Last night boy band member of One Direction; Harry Styles was snapped in the back garden of his house which shared by the 5 band members, kissing and cuddling a young curly blonde haired girl. The girl is still unknown as her face was hidden when they were snapped, however it is rumoured that Mr Styles has found and is back together with ex blonde Emma Tomlinson who he broke up with 3 years ago leaving no one to have heard from her since after she deleted her Twitter and was never snapped in public again with Mr Styles, cousin Louis Tomlinson and best friends Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan’s current girlfriend Eloise. The young girl snapped in the picture follows the description of Emma Tomlinson with the long blonde curly hair and tall frame however it has also been rumoured that the flirty Harry has been a bit of a player with girls over the past few months and that the young blonde is his new soon to be proberly heartbroken model.’  

Next to the article was the same picturing from Niall’s front cover except larger surrounded by various small photos of them hugging before returning back inside the house. “Shit do they all say the same thing?” I asked finished the article.  

“Pretty much just talking about how it is rumoured to be Emma and some rumours it’s just some slag but one shocking one says it’s a bloody prostitute!” Zayn replied indicating to the pile which now had been spread out revealing there was more that I thought.  

“What are we going to do? Shall we tell them, shall we tell the fans it’s a lie or get Harry to or should we leave it?” Niall asked unsure picking up the magazine I had just read.  

“Tell who what guys?” I heard someone say behind me. I hid the magazine I was holding out of view hoping it wasn’t Emma or Harry yet only to turn around to see Louis rubbing his sleepy eyes.  

We all sighed with relief, slightly calming down and passing him the magazine I was holding. He slowly opened his eyes more as he read the title on the front skipping a few pages to the text inside. Taking a few seconds to take it all in and read it. “Bloody hell! Is this from today?!” He asked not taking his eyes off it.  

“Yeah they’re all like that.” Zayn replied again as he picked all the magazines up and put them into a pile.  

“MORNING EVERYONE!” A small familiar voice smoke as it came in.  

“Hey it’s Rosie and Emma!” Niall said giving us wide eyes as he ran forward hugging them distracting them while we searched for somewhere to hide except we could only panic until Louis just grabbed them and dived behind the big sofa holding them just as Emma pushed Niall off.  

“Niall we can’t breathe!” she chuckled pushing him off.  

“Stupid Uncle Niall I could have died!” Rosie protested hitting his knee while laughing. Leaving Niall doing an uneven laugh while searching for where Louis had gone obviously not seen him launch behind the sofa with the magazines where he was now hiding. I looked at Niall and did a sort of head nod towards behind the chair to indicate where he was.  

“Good night last night wasn’t it?” Emma said placing Rosie on the counter while getting a glass of juice.  

“Yeah it was great, guessing you enjoyed it?” Zayn said winking at her implying that he knew she and Harry are back on from the story receiving a kick in the back of the leg from me.  

“Yes it was great wasn’t it Rosie, meeting Daddy and everything?” She said as Rosie nodded in reply sipping the last of her juice. “Thought so, anyway I said a quick bye to Harry and Eloise because we’ve got to get going, we’ve got Play School for Rosie but I can’t seem to find Louis.” She examined the room looking for him as we joined in pretending to be confused.  

“HEY I CAN SEE HIM!” Rosie suddenly shouted pointing to a foot pointing out from behind the chair, crap.  

“Louis what are you doing?” Emma asked walking over and ticking his feet making him shoot up.  

“Oh urm just urm checking to see if the floor was clean.” He said pulling his foot away while laughing at Emma as I noticed him slide the magazines under the chair out of view.  

“Right well we should get going see you all later!” Emma said picking up her bag and swinging it over her shoulder turning around to pick Rosie up, except see she was more interested in getting tickled and playing with Louis who was ticking her stomach while holding her upside down shrieking with laughter.  

“Fine you can carry her out the door then!” She said walking to the door with Louis following behind, maybe we could get away with this without anyone knowing. I sighed with relief at the thought until I noticed Zayn’s eyes wide open with worry seconds before sprinting to the door blocking it from Emma’s exit. “What are you doing Zayn we really need to go?”  

“Urm no you can’t urgh I don’t, I can’t, you just, can’t ok?!” Zayn replied still keeping his hold on the strong door frame.  

“Don’t be so silly!” She replied with pushing Zayn to the side opening the door to be met by flashing lights; cameras the paparazzi were here taking pictures, oh shit.  

I grabbed a stunned Emma pulling her back out of the cameras sight as she stood there stunned and Zayn slammed the door shut cursing. My next thought was to Rosie but when I looked over I found Louis was hiding with her well back inside the room, well at least one of them didn’t get spotted.  

Emma’s face was just a sheet of white not saying anything but her face said it all inside she was panicking like crazy. “Emma it’s all going to be ok they didn’t spot Rosie!” Zayn said grabbing Emma by the sides shaking her slightly bringing her back to reality but as calmly as possible knowing she was about to freak while she just shook her head from side to side.  

“The cameras why are they here? They..oh god they just caught me on fucking camera where is Rosie?!” Emma shouted searching for Rosie around the room running over to Louis and her when she saw them.  

“It’s okay Emma when I twigged what Zayn was doing I hid in the kitchen no one saw her I swear!” Louis tried to reassure her again but it was no use she was in panic mode hyperventilating babbling her thoughts.  

“What the hell is going on, why are they here? They know I’m here they know it’s me! Oh fuck it’s all going to come out, Rosie is never going to be a normal child now this is why I didn’t want this!” She shouted at the speed of lightening trying to take Rosie off Louis with her hands shaking. I couldn’t take it anymore she was going into overdrive.  

I grabbed her arms by her sides which were flying everywhere pulling them to her sides as she shook and resisted shh’ing her as I did, once her arms were at her side I wrapped them fully around her wrapping her in a tight hold from behind while she fought against me, I could feel tears springing off her eyes clashing against my bare arms.  

“Emma it’s all going to be okay calm down please it’s all going to be fine!” I announced as she nearly got free from my grip reaching for Rosie, I hated holding her apart from her but she was too hysterical right now and it was upsetting Rosie slightly.  

“Niall go wake up Eloise now, Zayn go wake up Harry quickly explain what’s happened to them and get them in here and Louis take Emma into my room or something she can play with my play dough and Buzz Lightyear!” I instructed with them nodding in reply and shooting off in different directions, Emma’s little legs collapsing underneath her, a sign of her giving up as she just began to sob freely.  

“Why is this happening I just wanting things to go back to normal?” She wept as I turned her around comforting her in a tight embrace. Life really isn’t fair sometimes. I just wanted to wish this all away now it was so horrible. “I just want it all to go right for once.”  

“You got caught on camera last night babe…” I began to explain.  


*Harry’s POV*  

I did a long yawn, Emma and Rosie had just left wishing me a quick good bye before leaving for play school, lucky people that place is amazing they have everything and you don’t have to worry about a thing.  

I smiled thinking about things going great now. I turned over to my bedside table to see my phone lying there, I decided to pick it up and tweet some fans since I was in such a good mood. I clicked on the familiar blue bird and waited for my time line to load up revealing a list of fans tweeting about there every day lives. I decided to join them and tweet morning first to set my mentions coming in. ‘Morning everybody! How’s everyone? Really fancy a Kinder Egg but can’t get up yet!’ I tweeted hearing my stomach rumble at the thought of food.  

It didn’t take long for the mentions to come flooding in, god they were quick. I smiled as I tweeted a few of the first random ones back until I realised I was getting the same question a lot more than usual, something about a photo, asking about if it was me in the photo. I replied to one girl asking ‘What photo was everyone on about?’ I waited for loads of the twit pics to be sent to me and decided to check the trending topics to see if that showed anything while I waited.  

Some were random and meant nothing to me and then some popped out two of them ‘PlayerStyles’ and ‘Harrys girlfriend’ were both trending. I looked confused at the screen, what was happening? I needed my laptop to look properly since my phone was going too slow.  

I thought of to where my laptop would be when I heard mumbled shouting outside my room, what are they fighting about now who ate the last piece of cold pizza from last night probably. I decided to ignore it until I heard crying not the boys crying but a girl crying. Had something happened with Eloise? I threw my covers off myself about to go investigate before Zayn came crashing into my room.  

“Harry we need you out here! Emma is in hysterics!” He said but quickly closed the door behind himself looking like he was about to let out a long explanation. “You two got papped yesterday in the back garden kissing and there is pictures everywhere but they didn’t get Emma’s face..” He began but I interrupted.  

“What?! No one else was there though! Are you sure they didn’t spot her?” I asked I swear no one else was there.  

“Well they didn’t until she opened the front door to leave and all the paparazzi were there and snapped her picture!”  

“THEY DID WHAT?!” I shouted as the word ‘fuck’ repeated in my mind over and over again at full speed. “Did they see Rosie?!” The only other thought popped up.  

“No her they didn’t, you can thank Louis for that he ran with her and hid realising before she opened the door but Harry right now Emma is going mental she needs you!” Zayn replied taking me back to reality. I quickly walked past him towards the door but I was stopped when it opened a second time to Louis holding Rosie who was crying.  

“She wants her Dad she’s scared.” was all Louis said rubbing her little back breaking my heart.  

A little girl crying her eyes out is hard enough to look at but when it’s your own daughter it just destroys you. I quickly took her off Louis resting her on my shoulder comforting her innocent cries. “Shh it’s okay Daddy is going to sort everything don’t worry, Mummy is just a bit upset right now but I will sort everything no need to worry sweetie.” I whispered rocking her slightly kissing her forehead softly as she seemed to calm more and stop crying. “Now can I see that cheeky smile?” she did as I asked showing a row of small teeth before I kissed her on the cheek.  

I quickly passed her back to Louis once she was happy again before leaving to find Emma. I hadn’t met Rosie long ago but already I felt a Father-Daughter bond between us and I knew I would do anything to protect her, I loved her just like her Mum and I highly regret what I did and forever will so now I need to fix it, I need to do anything I can to fix everything.

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