It’s Too Cold Outside For Angels To Fly…

When you’re in love you would do anything for that one person even if it is crazy, you would give up everything for them if it made them happy and that’s exactly what Emma Tomlinson does; she gives up here whole life, her family, her friends, her home just to keep Harry Style’s biggest secret.
But there was no chance that Emma’s cousin Louis Tomlinson or best friends are going to let her go forever that easy but when they find her and reunite her with her lost love, can everything really be perfect again? Or can someone make Emma’s messed up life get crazier?


10. Part 10-They're Back


*Emma’s POV*  

Tonight couldn’t have gone more perfect Harry and Rosie’s first ever meeting was so amazing it was untrue, they both seemed to fall in love with each other within seconds of seeing each other. I heard light snoring followed by heavy loud snores next to me, the light snores coming from a sleeping small Rosie while she laid half on the beast making the inhuman snores also known as Louis, while the other half was laid on Harry who sat staring just like me at Louis wondering if the noises were signs he was about to change into some sort of hulk.  

“I think I’m going to go put Rosie in my bed away from Louis.” Harry said picking up the sleeping girl resting her on his shoulder careful not to wake the monster I call my cousin. I smiled at Harry and mouthed ‘Thank you’ as he walked with her towards the room Rosie opening one eye sleepily when he did blowing me a sleepy kiss which I returned before they disappeared out of the room.  

I couldn’t help but admire how Harry looked so much like he had known his daughter his whole life and the way he looked at her, his eyes full of protection and love it just confused me slightly, leaving me wondering what would happen in the future, would he keep that same look in his eyes and be there for her now or was it only temporary.  

“You alright there Emma?” I heard a voice from behind me taking me out of my trail of thoughts.  

“Urm yes I’m fine Zayn just thinking.” I mumbled.  

“You know everything will be ok now, I know you have been through a lot in the past few years and your unsure about doing all this but you’re doing the right thing, I can see this is what you really want a little family with Harry with your friends, back to life how it used to be a few years ago.” He was right, did he turn into the old wise one while I was gone.  

“You sound like Yoda.” I giggled as the thought came into my head randomly for some unknown reason making Zayn laugh while looking beyond confused.  

“You are a weird one Emma.”  

“Hey you’re the one sounding like Yoda!” I protested.  

“Yes well stop changing the subject I think you and I both know it’s only a matter of time now, not going to be long now.” So he was bringing the mysterious in him out now.  

“Matter of time for what Yoda?” I smiled as I wiggled my eye brows.  

“You know a matter of time till everyone goes back to normal and you and Harry get back together and everything is a fairytale!” He raised his arms out in the air for a dramatic affect knocking Niall’s popcorn slightly.  

“Hey watch it man you nearly lost me all my popcorn!” Niall complained.  

“Sorry man.” Zayn apologised turning back to me. “You know I’m right.” He quickly replied taking a hand full of Niall’s popcorn running off before I or Niall could protest.  

I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder turning me around to see Harry. “Hey can we talk outside for a second?” He whispered for me smiling, oh no is he going to tell me now he can’t be there for Rosie and wants me to leave again. I could feel my stomach fill with butterflies and nerves but I nodded standing up and heading out the door following Harry’s steps. My trust issues as a result from the past years were showing a lot right now  

We both walked outside into the garden area, closing the door behind myself I stood in complete silence not looking up praying he was not about to say what I was thinking but he didn’t speak just stood looking at me messing with the arms on his jacket.  

“Harry, please if you’re going to say what I think you are just get it over with so I can go get Rosie and leave before it’s too late.” I sighed the feeling of disappointment taking over me.  

“What are you on about? Why would you take her? I thought it went great!” He looked confused walking towards me putting his hand under my chin forcing our eyes to meet.  

“You’re going to say you can’t do it aren’t you? You can’t deal with it all being a Dad and things.” I traitor tear escaped down my cheek.  

“No no way! Emma you’ve got it all wrong, I wanted to thank you so much for today letting me meet her and everything it was magical she is amazing you’ve done such a great job with her on your own, but now I want to help, I want to be there and I want to tell you I am going to be.” He protested making me smile all feelings of disappointment disappearing replaced with pure happy feelings.  

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out I had that feeling of relief and surprise. I smiled as he pulled me into a hug reminding me of old memories. “Harry..” I started with the only word I could get out as I stayed rocking in his protective arms.  


“Thank you so much but I’m so scared of things not working out like what about your fans and what people will think? What are we going to do when everyone finds out?” I was scared for the future and what would occur then, the thought hadn’t left my mind for days now.  

“Stop worrying, everything will work out, the fans will love her and if they don’t then I don’t want them as my fans and I will protect Rosie and you through this if you get hate or anything I will stand up for you, I’m not have you doing it on your own anymore.” Harry comforted me kissing my forehead.  

There was one last thing bothering me though leaving me thinking. “And what about us now?” I asked quietly looking up to Harry.  

“I never fell out of love with you Emma I’m still really in love with you and want to be with you but I want to do it in your own time so when you’re ready.”  

“I always have and always will love you Harry and being with you would be perfect but I’m just scared.”  

“Then let’s be together but not make it public to everyone, we could tell our closest friends when you’re ready and tell everyone when you’re ready!” A smile began to tug on the sides of my mouth that’s exactly what I had hoped he would say.  

“I would really like that.” I whispered letting the smile take over at the exact same time as Harry’s cheeky grin appeared reaching as far as possible as he lifted me up spinning me around like a kid causing me to erupt into laughter until I felt his lips press against mine in mid-air sending shivers down my spine and goose bumps to rise all over my arms.  

I kissed him back keeping contact as he slowly placed me to the floor smiling this is exactly what I wanted, what I had wanted for since the day I left.  


*Next day – Liam’s POV*  

I rubbed my eyes sleepily turning over in my bed. I saw my alarm clock flashing the red numbers ‘9:00AM’ on the front, quite early for a day off but I wasn’t getting back to sleep now, I staggered out of my room still slightly sleepy.  

“Vas appenin?!” Zayn shouted in my face as I walked into the kitchen.  

“Morning Zayn.” I mumbled back as I went to put the kettle on and grab myself some food before everyone else came.  

“I’m just popping out to get some bits from the shop before it gets too busy I’ll be back soon!” He shouted as he pulled his coat on and left before I even got the chance to say good bye charming.  

I grabbed my toast off the side and sat down on the high breakfast bar stool taking a sip of my tea. “Morning Liam!” I heard behind me as someone grabbed a slice of my toast.  

“Oi that’s mine!” I protested watching Niall stuff it into his mouth mumbling a ‘tough’ looking at his phone.  

I mumbled some gibberish words at him watching him relax on one of the chairs opposite me still on his phone most likely on twitter, he was always on twitter. “Anything happening in the world of Twitter today?” I asked watching as he scrolled down.  

“Urm not sure just reading some of my mentions not tweeted or looked at trending topics yet.” He replied still not taking his eyes off the screen.  

“Ok by the way did you notice Harry and Emma last night?” I asked him making conversation.  

“Yeah they are defiantly back together they were outside for ages and when they came back I don’t think the smiles left each other’s faces, plus they looked really close and cute when Rosie first met Harry.” I chuckled knowing I wasn’t the only one who noticed, we all knew it was going to happen now we just had to pretend we didn’t know and wait till they tell us.  

I made us both some more toast chatting about other pointless things while everyone else was still nowhere to be seen still in bed by the looks of things. Suddenly I heard the door fly open down the hall making me jump slightly followed by running towards the room we were in; Zayn was home.  

“Bloody hell Zayn quieten down everyone is still sleeping!” Niall half shouted at him while trying to strain his voice looking confused at Zayn who was panting as if he had been running while holding a bunch of magazines. “And why are you panting did you get mobbed again?”  

“No…I..” He was panting a great deal like he had full on sprinted here while indicating to the magazines which he threw onto the breakfast bar. “..that!” was all he said pointing to the laid out magazines on the kitchen side.  

I pulled one from the pile in front of me while Niall did the same with the other only to be more than shocked by the front cover. ‘Harry Styles returning to the old or starting with the new?’ Was the headline at the top in big letters with underneath and picture of Harry in the garden with the back head of a blonde girl, it was Emma with Harry snaking his arms around her and kissing her forehead.

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