Light in their 6 young eyes (3rd book to Take your Love Seriously)

Louis and Kayleigh Tomlinson have their three 7 year olds.The kids are getting noticed everywhere, and one gets offered a record deal, one becomes a childrens model and one learns to walk.But who's who?And will it all work out?Is their real Light in their 6 young eyes?Read to find out!


2. Your home

Kayleigh's POV

Louis was coming back from a 4 month tour today.Me and the kids were so excited.And there is something really important that Louis HAS to see! "Ben, Katie, Lauren come on or were gonna miss you father!" I shouted upstairs.We were going to the airport to welcome Louis and the boys back. "Mummy, what shoes these grey boots or these pink hightops?" Katie came halfway downstairs.  "Go for the hightops.And to match it put on your pink snapback."  "Great idea mummy!"  They all came running downstairs ready.  "Lets go!" I got them into the car and we went to Shannon's.We were taking her with us, because she can't drive.


"Hey Shannon!" I said as she climbed in.  "Hey!Hiya Ben, Katie and Lauren!" They all chanted hello at the back.  "You excited to be seeing Daddy again?"  They all screamed this time.Katie screamed the loudest.Me and Shannon laughed.


We finally arrived at the airport.There was a lot of paparazzi.I picked up Ben, because he gets wobbly on his legs and Shannon took Katie and Lauren by their hands.We were waiting for about 10 minutes, when the announcer said, "Plane 5 from Europe has now boarded, thank-you."  "Come on kids, that's Daddy and Uncle Niall's plane!" We took them over to where they were getting out.The boys were the first to get out.Louis came running over to me, and hugged me.The kids were constantly shouting, 'Daddy!'  "Guess who can walk?" I whispered to him.He had a huge smile on his face. "Ben!" He took Ben from my arms and hugged him close.  "Ben, show daddy and your uncles you can walk!" Ben jumped down from Louis arms and took a few steps.Everyone clapped, even the paparazzi.Louis hugged Katie and Lauren, who were dying for a hug.I took Ben over to see his uncles.Liam, Zayn and Harry weren't his real uncles, but they were like my brothers so the kids called them uncle.Niall and Shannon were hugging, and she whispered soemthing in his ear.It must be good, because he smiled and hugged her more.Louis, me, the kids, Shannon and Niall came into my car, and everyone else got into Perrie's.We were all going to my house, and were all sleeping there too.Louis asked if we could stop off at Paul's.He walked out with a medium sized present box.I wondered what it was.Till we got home...

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