Light in their 6 young eyes (3rd book to Take your Love Seriously)

Louis and Kayleigh Tomlinson have their three 7 year olds.The kids are getting noticed everywhere, and one gets offered a record deal, one becomes a childrens model and one learns to walk.But who's who?And will it all work out?Is their real Light in their 6 young eyes?Read to find out!


3. What's in the box and Shannon;s what?!

Louis POV

While I was away I asked Paul if he could by a special present for the kids and Kayleigh while I was gone.We had let Paul be our manager again, because he promised not to do what he done last time.And he didn't come on tour with us this time.When we got home the kids were desperate to see what was in the box.I said to wait till everyone was here.


Everyone finally got in, and I let the kids open the present.It was a puppy.They all squealed, and the puppy yelped.Katie picked her up, and stroked her gentley.  "Whats his name Daddy?"  "This is Sophie." Kayleigh said to me, "You got a puppy?!" She was half annoyed but half happy.  "Yeah.You've always said how it would be nice to have a family pet.So here it is!"  "Okay, but next time your buying presents for the kids, make sure I know whats going on!" I laughed and pecked her on the lips. "Perrie, can you come help me cook dinner?" She said, making her way to the dinner.  "Sure." She followed her into the kitchen.  "The two cooks!" I shouted after them.

Kayleigh's POV

Shortly after we had started dinner, Niall came through to the kitchen.  "Whats for dinner?" He asked. "Mama's Pasta." He smiled at this.  "Mama;s speciality!" Perrie laughed.  "And now a Kayleigh and Perrie speciality!"  "I know, you guys cook that so much!You cook it more than Mama did when she was alive." He said the last part quite sadly.2 years ago Mama passed away, because of breast cancer. "Hey, Niall what was that thing Shannon whispered to you that you were really happy about?" He looked up at me.  "Well, I don't know if she want's anyone to know yet, so don't tell her I told you and don't tell anyone okay?" Me and Perrie nodded. "Shannon's pregnant.And I know its mine because she hasn't...done it... since 3 weeks ago when she came to see us in France."

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