Light in their 6 young eyes (3rd book to Take your Love Seriously)

Louis and Kayleigh Tomlinson have their three 7 year olds.The kids are getting noticed everywhere, and one gets offered a record deal, one becomes a childrens model and one learns to walk.But who's who?And will it all work out?Is their real Light in their 6 young eyes?Read to find out!


4. I'm not ready

Kayleigh's POV

"Niall!Thats great news!" I ran over to him and gave him a hug.He didn't seem so happy with what happened. "Niall, what's up?You don't seem happy but in the airport you were." He looked at me and his eyes went watery. "I'm not prepared to be a dad.But Shannon so wants to be a mum, so I don't want to tell her or she'll upset." I hugged him more, and Perrie came over and joined in with the hug. "Niall, you have nine months!You'll be prepared!" Suddenly Shannon walked through the door.We all looked up at her. "You told them, didn't you?" Niall nodded and she started smiling.She came over and kissed Niall.  "It's okay, babe, I just told the others."  "Okay.Lets go." He grabbed her hand and walked to the living room.

Niall's POV

I was so happy I had got that off my chest.Now to face the guys...They were always over excited and far too happy when one of us is becoming a dad.  "Hey hey!Isn't it the 3rd Daddy Direction?" Louis said.  "Your first so, first the worst!"  Liam shouted, "I'm second the best!"  "Then that means... Niall sorry mate, but your 3rd the man with the hairy chest!" Louis said.  "You know how you get third time lucky?Lucky leprechaun!" I hit my chest like king kong, and the the boys joined in.Kayleigh walked in.  "Hey everyone why don't you come and get tickets to see the act, One Weirdo's!They're free!Ha, Dani, do you want to give Toby some mac and cheese just now?I'm giving the kids that cause dinner ain't going to be ready for another hour." Dani nodded and took Toby through to the kitchen.Toby was Dani and Li's kid.And he sure did get his looks from Uncle Niall!

*Authors Note* Hey guys sorry this chapter was short and rubbish, just managed to find time to write it!!!

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