Light in their 6 young eyes (3rd book to Take your Love Seriously)

Louis and Kayleigh Tomlinson have their three 7 year olds.The kids are getting noticed everywhere, and one gets offered a record deal, one becomes a childrens model and one learns to walk.But who's who?And will it all work out?Is their real Light in their 6 young eyes?Read to find out!


6. Daddy Horan is Coming!

Kayleigh's POV

"Mummy, daddy, time to wake up!" Lauren, Ben and Katie were on me and Louis' bed waking us up.

"Leave your daddy, he's very tired." I said, getting out of bed.

"Okay.Will he be able to come to the talent show tonight?I'm going to be singing DNA by Little Mix." Lauren said.

"Of course I'm coming Lauren!" Louis pulled Lauren over to him, and started tickling her.She was giggling really loudly.

"Come on guys, I've got a special breakfast for you's." All the kids and Louis followed me to the kitchen.I gave Louis his cup of tea, and the kids bacon rolls.

"Lou, do you want a roll?" I asked him.

"Maybe later.Guess what guys Uncle Harry and Uncle Niall are coming to the talent show tonight." All the kids cheered.

"What about Zayn and Liam?" I asked Louis.

"They're going on a double date with their girls tonight.They said to try and get a video of Lauren's performance, and we can show it to them tomorrow for the kids birthday.

I got the kids too school, and went back home.Louis was in the sitting room, and the other boys were there too.

"Hey sis." Niall came over and hugged me. "Guess what, dads coming on Saturday!He said she wants to stay for the week your kids have holidays."

"That's great!Is he staying at mine or yours?"

"I don't think it's a good idea he stays at mine, he doesn't exactly like Shannon.I don't know why..."

"Oh Nialler. Fine he'll stay at mine.LOU LOU!" I screamed the last part.

"WHAT WHAT?" Louis screamed.I went over to Louis and sat on his lap.

"People, we're here too!" Harry shouted.

"Dads staying for a week on Saturday."

"Great." Was all Louis said.I knew my dad liked him.He was always saying how great he thought he was, and he thought he was really funny.

"So Kayleigh tonight do you want to come with us to Nando's?" Li asked.

"Can't, Lauren has her talent show tonight.But its on at 5.30pm- 6.15pm, so we could go to Nando's after with the kids?" I said.

"Okay then.6:15 tonight!" Li said.

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