Light in their 6 young eyes (3rd book to Take your Love Seriously)

Louis and Kayleigh Tomlinson have their three 7 year olds.The kids are getting noticed everywhere, and one gets offered a record deal, one becomes a childrens model and one learns to walk.But who's who?And will it all work out?Is their real Light in their 6 young eyes?Read to find out!


5. A career in fashion at 7?

Louis POV

The next morning.

"Kayleigh do you want to come with me and the kids were going to go shopping.Katie practically begged me too." I shouted upstairs.  "Yeah, just gimme a sec to get my shoes!" Seconds later Kayleigh walked downstairs, heels clip clopping.  "Look what I can fit into now!" She pointed at her clothes.She was wearing white ripped skinny jeans, a white tank top, grey denim jacket and the really high black wedges.I whistled, and Ben shouted, "Ooh, mummy look pretty!" She laughed, and we all hopped into the car.


We found a parking place in the mall car park, and as usual there was a lot of paparazzi around.I was surprised they actually remember One Direction after nearly 10 years.A few of the men whistled at what Kayleigh was wearing.I just rolled my eyes and ignored it.Katie dragged us into New Look because she wanted to show us this collection of snapbacks that she wanted.She already has about 10, but she was like Uncle Niall.Loves snapbacks.Suddenly, the shop manager came over to us.  "Excuse me, hi I'm Mindy, the shop manager, we are currently looking for child models, and we were wondering if your daughter would be interested?" She pointed to Katie, who looked up at us glowing.  "Can I?You know I've wanted to be a model since I was 3!" She was right.She was always prancing about or walking up and down the place flashing poses when she had new clothes on.I looked at Kayleigh and she nodded.  "Yeah, I'm sure she'd love that!" I told the manager.  "Great!Here is the photographers card.If you call him tomorrow, he can tell you when to be in for the shoot.The shoot is here by the way.Thank-you very much." She shook mine and Kayleigh's hands and walked off.  "Yay!I'm gonna be a model, I'm gonna be a model!" Katie jumped up into my arms.  "You know, I wasn't actually surprised when she asked I mean, look at Katie, she looks like me!" Kayleigh laughed.  "Okay, so Katie you buying anything?"...

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