I don't have the answer.

Katie is a 18 year old girl who recently graduated high school.She goes off to college and there finds new friends,new people,and new loves?She sleeps across 2 dorms that have 2 in one and 3 in the other,the guys and her start talking.hanging out and all,but what happens if she accidentally starts getting feelings for one of them?does he possibly feel the same way?Or does he wanna just keep it as friends?But then comes another of the guys and try's to steal her heart whilst she likes the other guy.................oh oh read to find out what will happen in"i don't have the answer"


1. college.roommate

Katie's P.O.V


I stand in front of a big building with my boxes at my side.I frown because i have no help but i smile because im finally here! I manage to pick up all my things and go in to my dorm.I walk down the hall and see so many people moving in their dorms.I wow!in my mind and just keep walking.When i get to my dorm i see that my roommate is already there.I open the door and see a long brown haired girl staring out the window.She doesn't seem to notice me but i do.I put my boxes down quietly and walk over to her.I look out the window to her eyes point of view.Then i see 5 guys all together with a mass of other students surrounding them.

I accidentally smile and let out a small breath which seems to be loud,she turns and faces me,i can see that by her face she probably likes one of them.She stares and then runs off.I shrug my eyebrows."ok!"i say with a roll of eyes.I turn to the window and see the 5 boys still there and one is smiling which makes me happy.


My roommate comes in and it's already like 6:30 p.m.."hi:).............look im so sorry that i standed and acted like that earlier,i just idk what was really wrong with me!"she says with a sad smile.I kn ow she likes one of those boys but i just don't know which one."oh it's ok"i smile very falsely!!She smiles back and lays on her bed.I look at her and think,then my mouth opens."do you like one of those boys?"i ask slowly.She looks up at me and sits up.".........................yes............but........he doesn't even know i exist!"she reply's with a frown that makes me sad.

I put my mac on the bed and go sit next to her."listen,he might not recognize you,but if you prove to him that you do exist then maybe you'd have a chance with him"i say with relief.She looks up at me."whats your name?",............"im katie you?"..............."eleanor"we meet and talk.


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