Young Love

Kelly Young is just a normal girl living in Pleasent View. Up until a robbery kills her parents, sending the 15 year old girl to the orphanage. When a family in Sunset Valley adopts her, she must get use to her new enviorment. There her new parents change her last name and act as if they could care less. Kelly feels it was going to be the worst place ever, till she meets Joesph. Now she has to find a way to keep her new parents from finding out.


7. Chapter 6

A worried look grew on Mr. Lou’s face. Everyone looked around. “What are you waiting for?” Mr. Lou quietly shouted. “Get under the lab benches!” Lucky for us the door is in the front of the room, so the open part if the lab benches were facing the back wall. I could hear a couple people whispering. We were all wondering the same thing. What on earth was a code blue? Mr. Lou, who was under his desk, said, “Everyone be quiet. I’ll tell what a code blue is after we get a code green.” It was a while before anything else happened. Finally an announcement came over the intercom, but it wasn’t Mrs. Freeman. The strange voice said, “Attention students and staff, my name is Officer Grey. The code blue is over. Again, this is a code green. Thank you.” Everyone slowly got up and sat back in their seats. Mr. Lou sat in his chair, thinking. Finally Tony asked, “What’s a code blue, Mr. Lou?” Mr. Lou looked up. He took a deep breath and said, “A code blue rarely happens. It happens during lockdown if someone breaks in.” Everyone was quiet again. Mr. Lou took out a sheet of paper and folded it a couple times. Then he opened it back up and wrote something. Mr. Lou then got up, folded the paper back up, and said, “Joe, I want you to come up to the front of the room and read what I wrote on the paper. I have to go to the office and report something.” Mr. Lou walked out the door. Joe smiled and walked up to the front of the room and grabbed the paper. He opened it up and silently read it. Then he smiled and said, “The winner of the drawing contest is… Wait, we need a drum roll.” Everyone smiled and stomped their feet to sound like a drum roll. Joe then continued reading, “Kelly Young is the winner.” I was surprised because I didn’t think my drawing was that good. I walked up to the front of the room and Joe handed me my drawing. He then handed me a magnet and I stuck it to the chalkboard. Then Mr. Lou came back in so we sat down. “Alright class, you are dismissed,” he said as he grabbed his coat. The parking lot quickly crowded with people. I started to head home when I notice Joseph at my house. When I got to the top of the stairs of the porch, Joseph stood up. “What’s going on?” I asked. Joseph looked down. Then I knew what was going on. His father was here, Joseph wasn’t happy, the lock down. It all pointed to one thing. Lynn and Jack were either dead, or criminals.

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