Young Love

Kelly Young is just a normal girl living in Pleasent View. Up until a robbery kills her parents, sending the 15 year old girl to the orphanage. When a family in Sunset Valley adopts her, she must get use to her new enviorment. There her new parents change her last name and act as if they could care less. Kelly feels it was going to be the worst place ever, till she meets Joesph. Now she has to find a way to keep her new parents from finding out.


6. Chapter 5

Joseph wasn’t at school almost all day. I honestly thought he had caught something. As I walked in the door to science I handed in my homework. Then I sat down at my lab bench. After the bell rang Mr. Lou shut the door and began teaching. “All right it looks like everyone except Joseph is here. I’d bet he will be late, as usual,” he said. Then Mike, Joseph’s best friend, raised his hand. “Joseph isn’t here at all today,” he said. Mr. Lou nodded and replied, “Well, then I guess we can get on with class with no interruptions.” “All right. First we need to split the class into two groups. Those who want to do a virtual dissection and those who want to do a real dissection. First, if you want to do virtual dissections raise your hand.” About 10 people raised their hands. “Okay, so only nine of you can do a virtual dissection. Who doesn’t care which they do?” Mr. Lou asked. At first no one raised their hand. Then one of the guys raised his hand. Mr. Lou wrote on his note pad then spoke, “Alright, the people who are doing a virtual dissection will work tomorrow while I go over safety rules with the others.” Then an announcement came over the inner come. Mrs. Freeman announced, “Attention everyone. There has been a shooting in one of the neighborhoods close by. The school will be under lockdown until further notice.” Mr. Lou walked over to the chalk board and made a T-chart. The left column was labeled name, and the second was labeled number. “All right class, I want everyone to put their binder and stuff in the back corner,” he said. He pointed over to the corner which had an empty bookshelf. I took my stuff and put it on the bottom shelf. Mr. Lou made sure everyone had nothing on them. Then he had us come up one at a time and write our numbers on the board. He then called everyone’s parents to let them know what was going on. For the people he couldn’t reach he left a message. Some people decided to pull a prank on Mr. Lou and put their cell phone numbers on the board. It was actually kind of funny. He would call their phones and their phone would ring. Then Mr. Lou would scream, “Who on earth is calling you right now?! If it’s not your mom then turn it off!” Some of them would turn it off and others would answer saying, “Hi mommy.” After Mr. Lou was done calling parents he erased the board. Then he said, “Okay, I can’t continue with class right now. Instead I we will have a drawing contest. Everyone will submit a, school appropriate, drawing. I will judge them. Begin.” At first I didn’t know what to draw. Then I had an idea. I drew a picture of a picture of the picture. It took a while but I got it done. When everyone was done Mr. Lou looked over them. Right before he was about to announced the winner Mrs. Freeman came on the innercome. “Attention students,” she sounded worried, “Everyone needs to get under the desks. This is a code blue.”

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