Young Love

Kelly Young is just a normal girl living in Pleasent View. Up until a robbery kills her parents, sending the 15 year old girl to the orphanage. When a family in Sunset Valley adopts her, she must get use to her new enviorment. There her new parents change her last name and act as if they could care less. Kelly feels it was going to be the worst place ever, till she meets Joesph. Now she has to find a way to keep her new parents from finding out.


5. Chapter 4

“Is there a problem officer?” I asked. “Yes there is. Are you aware of the time?” he said. I pulled out my phone, but it was dead. “No, sir,” I replied. He looked me in the eye and said, “It’s past ten. Anyone under the age of eight teen needs to be home.” I looked toward my house then I said, “Sir, I promise you I’m on my way home. My house is right over there,” I pointed to my house and then continued, “Did anyone call you? Ly- My mom worries if I’m not home by nine.” The officer looked over to my house, “No, no one called. I need your name.” “My name is Kelly Young, but my adopted parents have changed it to James,” I replied. “Okay Miss James. You head home now,” he said. I walked over to my house and went inside. Lynn and Joe were on the couch. Lynn stood up and walked over and shut the door. It was probably so the police couldn’t see us. “Where have you been?” Lynn cried. It wasn’t a cry like she was worried or anything. “I’m fine. I was just at the library with Joseph,” I said. “Who in the world is Joseph?” Jack screamed. I was annoyed. “He’s my science partner. We had to finish our research. I definitely was not bringing him here,” I yelled. After that it was quiet. Lynn and Jack went into the kitchen and told me to stay put. After a minute I yawned and went to bed. When I woke up the window and balcony door were both boarded up. I should have seen that coming. I walked down stairs, and I discovered that Lynn and Jack weren’t up yet. I started on breakfast. I made pancakes, eggs, toast, and bacon. I finished up right before Lynn came down stairs. I grabbed a plate and ate my breakfast. Lynn was being very quiet for some reason. After I was done eating I looked at the clock and saw it was only six. I grabbed my stuff and decided to head to school anyways, even though it doesn’t start for another hour. When I got to the school I looked at the time on my cell. It was six fifteen. I walked over to the playground and sat on the swings. The reason we have a playground was because every kid went to the school. It was first through twelfth because our town was somewhat small. Most of the time a group of elementary students get to school early for more playground time. While I was sitting on the swing I saw police cars drive by. They had their sirens on and were going at top speed. I had no idea where they were heading. I was thinking maybe there was a robbery. I saw Mrs. Nickel, my math teacher, walk into the building. I looked at my phone again and it was six thirty. I walked in with her. “Why are you here so early?” she asked me. I just looked down and said, “I just got everything done early this morning so I just walked to school. I sat on the swing for a couple minutes, but I figured the group of elementary kids would be here soon.” She just nodded and went into her classroom. I had to go to the cafeteria until seven. No one is allowed to be in class until at least six fifty. I thought today was going to be just an ordinary day. I was wrong.

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