Young Love

Kelly Young is just a normal girl living in Pleasent View. Up until a robbery kills her parents, sending the 15 year old girl to the orphanage. When a family in Sunset Valley adopts her, she must get use to her new enviorment. There her new parents change her last name and act as if they could care less. Kelly feels it was going to be the worst place ever, till she meets Joesph. Now she has to find a way to keep her new parents from finding out.


3. Chapter 2

When I got home I sat down and did my homework. Then Jack came in. Jack’s my “dad”. He works with the military nearby. Lynn works at the theater. “How was school?” he asked. I looked up from my paper and looked around. Then I looked at him and replied, “Are you talking to me?” He just chuckled. Then he looked over and said, “Well if you don’t want to have a conversation with your old man just go to your room and study.” I thought for a second. Then I grabbed my books and stood up. “You’re not my old man! You’re just Jack. Jack the soon to be astronaut.” He’s always said he was going to be an astronaut. “I don’t wanna have a conversation with you!” I shouted. Then I stormed up to my room. Lynn must have just got home because she barged into my room after I slammed my door. “Watch your mouth young lady. Your father was just trying to be polite,” she screamed. I was frustrated. I walked over to my door and slammed it in her face. Then I took the chair from my desk and lock myself in. I heard Lynn shouting from the other side of my door. “You better get over yourself before dinner! I’ll write down what we are having and put it on the fridge. Jack and I are going to the store. It better be ready when we are back!” Just in case you’re wondering, I cook dinner. One of these day’s I’ll be sure to poison it. I did my homework and calmed down. Then I went downstairs and made dinner. I ate and went back to my room. This has been the second worst day ever. I walked over and opened my window. I had a balcony, but for some reason the door was stuck. It didn’t matter though. The window was big enough to fit through. I went out and sat on the rail. I could see the beautiful beach from my view. I just can’t be out here when Lynn and Jack are home. I guess they don’t want me to escape them. I don’t worry they will see me when they get home. The balcony is in the back of the house, so when they get home I have time to get back in my room. I was out there until after sunset. I figured Lynn and Jack would be home soon, so I went to my window. I sneaked back in and laid on my bed. Then I heard a car pull up. I looked at the clock and it was almost nine. Lynn says I need to go to bed at eight thirty. I closed my eyes and fell asleep before Jack or Lynn even got to my room.

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