Young Love

Kelly Young is just a normal girl living in Pleasent View. Up until a robbery kills her parents, sending the 15 year old girl to the orphanage. When a family in Sunset Valley adopts her, she must get use to her new enviorment. There her new parents change her last name and act as if they could care less. Kelly feels it was going to be the worst place ever, till she meets Joesph. Now she has to find a way to keep her new parents from finding out.


1. Introduction

In the town of Pleasant View, there was a small family. They weren’t rich or poor. They could care less about buying new things. All they needed was each other. Now this family was closer than anyone has ever been. This was my family. I, Kelly Young, was a part of the Young household. In the town where I grew up almost everyone knew everyone… Almost. It was like any ordinary town. I spent half of my life there. When I was fifteen, a tragedy happened. My parents were in the park when a shooting occurred at the grocery store. The grocery store was right next to the park. When the two people who robbed the store got all the money, they ran toward the park. My mom and dad started to run, and the two people shot them dead. At school we were under lockdown. The second we got out, I ran home. I found a note saying my parents would be back at four. Then there came a knock at my door. I answered it and it was the police. They told me my parents were killed. I had to go to an orphanage, because I wasn’t old enough to live on my own. I was the oldest one there so I helped out with the younger ones. After a month I was adopted by the James family. My new mom and dad made me take on their last name. This is where my story begins.

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