The Scary House

The story talk about the band one direction and their best friend Alison ,
In the haloween , they go to the scary house down the street and get stuck there.
Hope you will love this story !! (:


2. The night

" Are you coming Allison?" Liam asked me on the phone
"Yes I am coming more two minutes,"I said
"Okay I'm wait"
"Allison moment before you hang up, for what are you dressing up ? " he asked, probably one of the boys told him to ask I bet it was Harry
"In two minutes you will see" I laugh
"Okay me Allison" he said disconnects the call
I dressed up as a sexy vampire, my body just fit black dress with red parts made of lace, the dress gave my chest a great cleavage
I put the black lace gloves, and my old jewelry
I wore black high heel and walked toward the next house
"Anybody here?" I Shouted into the quiet house
"I'm here" I heard Zayn voice
"Ahhhh," I cried when I saw three zombies, scary vampire and mortal victim's full course but white blood
" Stupid you have done to me heart attack" I told them relax a bit
"Sorry hot girl" harry laugh he was one of the zombies
"Oh Niall I have to know that you will be the mortal victim's"
"And Harry thank it was good for wait to see me right ?" I say
"Yes you don't know how hot you are" he say make blush
"You look scary boys"
"We know" Louis say make me grin
"OK ali we go now to the scary house down the street" Liam say
"No" Niall yelled
"Come on let's go Niall don't be afraid" Harry say
"Nop" Niall say again
"We don't ask you Niall" Liam say
"Ali do you want to ho there ?" Niall ask me
"Come on Niall don't be a girl" Zayn say to Niall
"Niall haloween it's one time in year so let's go" I tell him make the boys smile and jamp when they say'yes'
"I still think it's crazy idea"
"We dont car , five vs one" Louis say swelling on his shoulder
"OK" he said the surrendered

" Is dark here" Niall wailed
"It's night and this old house no one lived here for over fifty years by what people say" Harry said grinning
"Did you bring flashlights" I asked the boys when we was in the house
"Yes" they said sowe me a bag
"How much you flashlights you take?" Liam ask when he saw the bag
"40 and more" Zayn and Louis said together it's was perfect !
"Dumb" Liam mumbled made me chuckle
"Bring a flashlight" I said
"And leave the door open it's old doors that could be opened only with a key or outside" Liam said
"Oops!" Harry said
"No Harry why are you such a jerk" Niall screamed on Harry
"Niall Don't shout at him he didn't know ... now we need to find the way out" I said pressure
"Or the key" Zayn said
"But you know it's isn't a little house" Louis said scratching his neck
"What does this mean ?" I ask hope for a good answer
"This mansion" he say smile to me
"Niall now we can made of Harry" I said
Hang with them in mansion, why it doesn't sound great pleasure?
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