The Scary House

The story talk about the band one direction and their best friend Alison ,
In the haloween , they go to the scary house down the street and get stuck there.
Hope you will love this story !! (:


1. Preparations to the haloween

"Alison can you please make me some food ?" Niall shouted to me when I walked into the house
״Nop I can't , I'm to tired and tonight it's the haloween" I told him and I let out a sigh
״Oh shit" he yelled
"What happend ?" Liam ask Niall
"Ali can't make me some food" he say
"Oh , I have an idea let's go to Nanados" Liam tell him and Niall jamp from the cuoch take the key for the car
"Hallo Ali" Louis shouted and kiss me on the cheek
"Hey lou"
"You can say hey Zayn and Harry" Zayn say
"Hello Zayn and Harry" I say
"We go to nanados you want to come with us ?" Harry say
"No I think I will go home"
"OK so we will be together tonight right ?" Louis ask
"Yes lou we will be together tonight" I laugh
"Bay boys" I say and out from the house and go to my home ..
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