Look after you

This book is about a girl who's stuck in between louis and Niall who will she choose


4. Little things

Arias P.O.V we got home at 11:00 pm. One hour till Monday. Then it's niall a turn.
______________________________________________________________________________ Nialls P.O.V I love you aria Gonzales. Thanks but call me ari. Ok ari. Lets go home and hang in my room. Ok I said. Later in Nialls room
Arias P.O.V when we got in his room he pushed me on his bed and started kissing me non stop. Then I started kissing him non stop to. His lips were like soft pillows. I could kiss them all day. Then I started crying. He stopped and asked what happened. I ran out of the room and he fallowed me. Then I started to tell him what happened. Every weekend my father made me go over to my grandpas and I never told him but he rapped me every weekened he would tell me never to tell any one or he would kill me. Once I got the chance I ran here. And changed my name it's not really aria it's melody. And never told any one what had happened and that was it. Well I'm sorry I Ever new that. It's ok I never told you. I said tearing up one again. I love you nialler. I love you to do you want me to call you aria or melody? Aria I said. I love you to aria. Well night cutie. He said sudusing me. Night nialler. I said in a sudusing voice. He kissed me and threw me on the bed again. Then we fell asleep .
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