Look after you

This book is about a girl who's stuck in between louis and Niall who will she choose


6. Irresistible

A week after Niall: arias P.O.V.
I have spent a week with both of you each and I have made a disision I pick louis. Sorry niall I had a nice time but my heart belongs to louis. Louis lets go. Ok he said.
Months later
Nialls P.O.V I am so jealous of them laughing siting on each other making out every chance they get. That should me holding her hand. Arias P.O.V I love louis he is the best boyfriend I think I'm ready for it.(wink wink). Louis to my room now. I demanded.ok . He said a little scared. Then he caught on to the idea. Damn he's slow. Any way he threw me on the bed and we started kissing and I took off his shirt and he took off mine and well you know what happens next. ;0. Then harry walked right in on me and Lou. GET OUT. I screamed. He lagged and told every one. Then niall walked in on us. REALLY WHAT DO YOU WANT. I asked. He started to cry and run away. I love you louis I said in between breaths. Stop stop plz. Niall screamed. Where is that little slut. Oh shit it's my grandfather. I ran in the closet.
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