Look after you

This book is about a girl who's stuck in between louis and Niall who will she choose


8. I love you Niall Horan

After me and louis broke up
Arias P.O.V
Niall I love you. And I would really like you to give me a chance please. Ok he said. Oh thank you Niall I'm sorry i didn't pick you in the first place. It's ok he said. I love you Niall Horan. I love you to Aria hicks. I want to ask you something. Ya I said in confusion? Will you go on tour with me? Yes yes 1,000 times yes. This is my first time on tour. Niall pulled me close and held my hips i put my arms on his shoulders and he pushed his lips against mine. Whe sat there on my bed making out for like 3 hours. I loved it he was such a good kisser. Kiss me again. But I have to go. Kiss me goodbye. ;). Niall James Horan kiss me. Please. Fine. We pushed are lips together passinitly. Bye Niall. Bye cutie.
Nialls P.O.V
I finally got my wish my wish came true. I kissed and am dateing aria hicks. Whoo. Aria. What baby. She said. Aria I am leaving to go to a interview with the guys for the radio station contest to meet us for lucky directioners. You are so nice to your fans Niall I'm so proud of u. Kiss goodbye fine. He pecked me.
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