Look after you

This book is about a girl who's stuck in between louis and Niall who will she choose


7. Back for you

WHERE THE FUCK IS THAT LITTLE SLUT!(Niall comes in to comfort me) hi he said. Do not worry I will not let him hurt you I promise.he said i was sacred shitless.i heard a lot of yelling downstairs and a lot noise. I wanted to scream but Niall wouldent let me. The door came craching open. I know your Fucking in here. I took Niall and hid in the giant pile of stuffed animals. He said he had to do something Justin case and said he will never for give himself if this broke me and louis up. He pulled me close and our lips touched passoitely. Aria I love you and if you don't love me back I'm gonna deal with it. But I just want you to know i love you so much. And have fun with lou. One last kiss he asked. Ok. But keep it a secret from louis. Ok he said. He pulled me close once again and this time it was like 20 minutes till we stopped. Them we Hurd louis open the closet door and he said they left. Louis I missed you I thought that he was gonna kill me. He pecked me on the lips. But the good thing is he didn't. And he would have to go through me and the rest of the boys to get to you. I love you. I started to cry. Louis he could have found me. You didn't even come to comfort me niall did. You know what where through.
Louis's P.O.V
Aria let me explane. I was fighting him off so he couldn't hurt you. I was fighting Niall was standing there I told him to come and comfort you. He was to busy eating he didnt want to come up i made him. And if you can't get that then you i guess we are through. Bye bitch. Bye. She said.
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