You're Just A DayDream Away (Harry Styles FanFic)


9. Unpleasant Encounter

Only one second was enough to recognize those mean eyes starring into my soul and my mind quickly found his name . Brad . I turned my head and tried to act as normal as possible , struggling to move and increase the space between him and I . I couldn’t move any further as I felt a hand grabbing my free wrist . I slowly turned around , thinking it would be more suspicious if I would have released my hand and continue walking as if nothing happened .
“Marie ?” , he asked , although I could feel in his voice a little confusion.
I was able to maintain eye contact , acting all silly as if I didn’t know him .
“ I’m sorry “ , I said , trying to force a smile. “ You must’ve mistaken me with someone else “.
I felt his grip tightening on my wrist as he was sure that the girl standing in front of him was the same one who ran away three years ago. He lowered my hand , making less visible for other people around us that he was digging his fingers into my skin , adding more pressure and making sure I wasn’t going anywhere .
“ I could recognize those perfect shaped eyes anytime , anywhere , hun’ .Those little scared eyes “ he said with a smirk on his face , enjoying the thought he was in control . “Are you afraid ? “
I suppose the answer I gave to him was not the one he wanted to hear , making him furrow his eyebrows , his eyes filling with anger.
“ No “ , I hissed bravely , my tone revealing my disgust . I was standing still in front of him , but deep down I was trying my hardest to prevent the shakiness .
“ You managed to run away from me once . The second time you won’t get that lucky “ , he threatened me , his blood probably boiling .
“ There won’t be a second time “ I replied , trying to free my wrist as it started to hurt.
“ You don’t know who you’re playing with , babe “.
“ I think I do . Now let go of my hand before I start screaming .” . I got angry . Still scared , but angry and I might have actually started shacking . I looked into his eyes , making him understand that I wasn’t joking either .
“ You’re bluffing “ , he said as he seemed to loosen the grip.
“ You might not want to take a chance “. I said , making him let go of my wrist completely.
As I breathed in relief , I felt some another pairs of fingers gently grabbing the elbow of my other hand which was busy holding my drink.
Harry’s POV
I turned around to Niall’s table , to greet two girls who recognized us , giving them a warm smile , but before I could open my mouth , I took notice of Marie’s absence. She was missing for some good minutes and there was no way her order could take that long . I looked over suggestively at Zayn , who was shrugging his shoulders as we both tried to search for her in the line . She was talking to some boy , but from what I could see , she did not seem very pleased with the conversation . Zayn stood up , preparing to check out if she’s ok , but the instinct told me to go .
“ Stay here . I’ll go “ I said as he nodded and turned around to talk to the fans . I was glad to see that the girls were so caught up in the conversation with Liam , that they didn’t see I was gone .
Approaching , I could take a better look at the boy facing Marie . He was almost as tall as me , maybe only a couple of centimeters making the difference between me and him . At the first sight , his face didn’t look dangerous or anything , but the answer Marie gave him must’ve made him change the way he looked at her , his eyes shooting daggers .
Only when he let go of her wrist I realised that he had actually held her , not letting her move .
I stretched my hand to catch Marie’s arm , my fingers gently grabbing only her elbow . She looked at me relieved , as if I was her salvation . She tried to give me a smile , assuring me she was ok , but I wasn’t going to bite it .
“ Is everything ok ? “ I asked , although the look on both of their faces indicated otherwise .
Marie nodded , her eyes looking at my face and then back at his .
“ Do you know him ? “ Before I could realise , the bold , maybe even inappropriate question escaped through my lips.
Instead of her voice , I heard a male one answering my question .
“ Yes . We are friends for some time , right ? “ he replied , moving his eyes on Marie’s face , waiting for her to nod.
It was like this silent war , trying not to draw any kind of attention on us , my green eyes warning him and vice versa .
“ I would love to chat , but we really need to go “ I said , giving him a mocking smile, as I tried to pull Marie closer to me .
Before making the second step , I felt the girl stopping as her wrist was caught again by his fingers .
“ Are you still so tight ? “ He asked rather quiet , as a devilish smirk appeared on his face . My eyes widened , as well as hers , feeling my heart beating faster wanting to punch the jerk right in the face , as she angrily released her wrist from his hand , knowing that this conversation finally has come to an end .
I elbowed my way through the people in the coffee shop , leading Marie to our table , trying to increase the distance between us and the guy , and occasionally squeezing her hand , making sure she was still behind me. She pressed her fingertips a little harder on my hand , causing me to stop for a second and realise she was slightly shacking. I turned my head and looked up into the brown orbs , eyes looking at me broken , like they were begging me to keep my mouth shut in front of the lads . I nodded , and directed my attention to Niall , who was enjoying his drink.
“ Mate , can I take your place ? “ I asked , feeling the need to keep a close eye on the girl with long , chocolaty hair , making sure she wasn’t mentally fucked up . Niall nodded and moved on my chair , although he didn’t understand what was going on .
I had so many questions that were standing on the tip of my tongue , my mind still trying to give me answers , but I was aware that this wasn’t the best moment to interrogate her.
I saw her faking a smile for Zayn and placed her hands on her lap , probably to hide the fact that she was still trembling . After a few seconds she grabbed with her tiny fingers the cup of drink and leaned to find with her lips the colored straw. She pursed her lips, pressing them against the straw and causing the beverage to lift until her taste buds felt the sweet aroma of caramel. Her brown eyes met mine , dropping from her full lips the straw , as they curved into a perfect smile and she murmured a shy “ thank you ” .
The whole previous experience was so weird that made me ask myself what did we actually know about her . I mean , we knew her , she was our friend and she always did her work properly , but she never talked to us about her past and seemed to be living only the present . I wondered then just how many secrets did that kind heart of hers keep .
I was quiet , only occasionally opening my mouth to answer a question , but I saw her having a normal conversation with Niall , or at least pretending to , as he turned around to ask for some of her Frappe.
Finishing our drinks , we eventually got out of the crowded store , and started walking back to the studio , which wasn’t too far from Starbucks. I was assuming that people must’ve went to the coffee shop , because the streets were almost empty .
The boys went ahead of Marie and I , walking shoulder in shoulder , me trying to get some answers from her .
“ Who was he ? “ I asked her , although I knew this was making her uncomfortable and she was probably going to lie to me anyway .
Marie’s POV
I must admit that the question took me a little by surprise , although I managed to give him good answer , or at least that’s what I thought, hoping he will stop asking.
“ He told you that we were friends .” I couldn’t help to furrow my eyebrows , being disgusted just by thinking that I know this man , Brad.
“ A friend doesn’t scare the shit out of you like that . I saw you trembling “ He continued with a concerned look on his face.
I didn’t give him any answer , not knowing what to say . I wasn’t going to make a bedtime story of my experience , but I didn’t want to lie to him either . After all , he was the one that got me out of trouble.
As I was walking next to him , I looked for a second at him , trying to read the look on this face . He furrowed his eyebrows , eyes becoming darker , like he was thinking of something , when he began speaking again .
“ Did he hurt you ? “ he asked with the same confused look on his face.
I wasn’t sure if he referred to what happened in the cafeteria or if he generalized . The pressure of Brad’s fingers left some marks on my skin and they were beginning to be more visible . I assumed that Harry had already seen the marks on my wrists so why ask . Did he want to see if I would lie to him ?
“ No . The marks are just visible , but they don’t hurt. “ I said , hoping my answer would be enough .
“ I wasn’t talking about these . I already saw them .” he continued ,making me a little angry for wanting to know more.
“ No “ . I couldn’t tell him the truth , although images from the past crossed my mind with unimaginable speed , making harder for me to keep my calm tone.
“I don’t believe you .“
Why was he asking , when he saw I was still shaken up ? I felt like I was in some sort of interrogatory . I had my limits and he was pushing his luck . I was grateful for him coming to help me , but there was no need to give him all the details .
I wanted to shout at him to stop , my private life being none of his business , but all I could say came as a faint whisper.
“ Please “ ,I begged him , my brown orbs meeting his dazzling green eyes as I saw his features softening.
If I told him , he would’ve ran away . And I couldn’t let that happen . He was my weakness .
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