You're Just A DayDream Away (Harry Styles FanFic)


3. Side Effects

It wasn’t until the door was opened that I realised I was actually staring at the figure in front of me . I jumped a little hearing the noise , thinking someone might have caught me . I turned around to see who interrupted my thoughts , trying to look occupied as Paul slowly entered , probably knowing Harry was asleep and whispered :
“Wake up the Sleeping Beauty and tell him to go for the make-up “.
I felt a lot more relaxed the second Paul walked out that door .
Small steps took me to the sofa where Harry was sleeping and I sat dawn on my knees so my face was at the same level as his . I studied his features once more before my hand reached his shoulder , gently grabbing it.
“Harry” , I whispered , trying to wake him up gently . I heard a gruff mumble as his eyelashes started to move.
“ Wake up . We need to get you arranged “ . His eyes fluttered open and his green orbs met mine . I quickly looked somewhere else , knowing I wasn’t strong enough to hold his gaze.
He struggled to stand up , remaining for a moment on the edge of the sofa.
“Thanks for waking me up” , he said in a sleepy voice and with that half smile that I adored. “What time is it ? “
His husky voice made me shiver a little bit . It’s like all I ever loved stayed in his voice : from deep , gruff tone to the soft one . It took me a while to respond to his question , his voice making me lose my train of thoughts.
“Um… It’s 9 o’clock . Now go before they start filming without you “ , I giggled.
“ I still have to come back so you could change my clothes . I know you love the sight of my body” .
And the moment of innocence was gone once again.
“Just go , Styles. “ I rolled my eyes at his statement , not wanting to get into details.
Minutes before he left on that door , the lads started to come one by one . First Liam ,then Niall , Zayn , Louis and the last one , the sleepyhead , Harry . But he was late . I waited him for some good minutes. I could use that time in my advantage so I went in front of the mirror , taking my foundation from my purse and applying it on my face , as this morning I had time for nothing else apart from getting dressed. I was preparing to finish applying some eyeliner when I heard the door opening.
“ I don’t understand why you put all that crap on your face . It’s not like you need it anyway “ . That comment slightly made me feel better , making me blush a little . But still… I had to tease him a little bit.
“As you my have insecurities about … some parts of your body , I have mine” , I said as my lips curved into a little smirk, scanning him with my look.
He looked down for a second , studying himself , but then looking back up straight into my eyes . My heart instinctively was beating faster , not knowing what his next move will be. He started to come to me , his now dark green eyes never leaving mine.
“ Neah… It’s all good , babe “ .
I immediately regretted my answer , his tall figure standing now in front of me . As he held my gaze I tried to stand still , not wanting to let him see the effect he had on me , although my mind told me to take a step back. A few seconds . That’s how much I resisted holding his gaze , none of us saying a word , until I sneaked behind him , our arms brushing , and my cheeks turning red.
I went straight to the clothing racks , having a moment to control my breathing and relax a little . I took his dark red caro shirt , turning around to face him and tell him to get undressed . But there was no need to do it , because his shirt was already on the floor.
It’s been a while since I was working with the boys , and despite their good looks I have got used to it . Only with Harry was different . Everytime I saw him I would get all these kind of feelings , not butterflies in my stomach , but something more powerful . It was like he had a different flavour everytime I stood in front of him . Today cherries , tomorrow strawberries . I loved them both , but each of them were giving me distinct tastes , making a good mix . That’s what it was like with Harry . He had a different effect on me everyday . All these combined , made me love him so much.
I went closer , going behind him as I held the shirt so he could put it on. He turned around , facing me once again . I started buttoning his shirt , more quickly than I wanted , trying to prevent my hands from shaking.
“ What’s the hurry ? “ he asked . “ You might miss some buttons and you’re going to have to start all over again . Slow down . “ .
Slow down ?! He was telling me to slow down when I didn’t know how to move any quicker ?! I could tell this was getting worse , as it was one of the few times I acted so impatient in front of him . I knew I had to control myself and my feelings when I was around him , and I tried to slow down and relax a little .
I felt his eyes on me again , watching my every move , but I refused to look at his face , otherwise he will eventually go on set with his shirt unbuttoned.
After finishing with the shirt , I gave him the pants and his white pair of Converse . This time I turned around , pretending I was busy with something until he got dressed , not wanting to get myself more embarrassed than I already had .
“You always make me look good . Thanks babe .” . And he gave me a flirty smile. Then he was gone.
Then it struck me . A flirty smile . Not a sweet , thanking smile . A flirty one . I was getting angry as I realised I wasn’t anything more than a flirt for him . Not even a friend . Just a flirt , a toy in his hands .
I tried to calm myself , hands covering my face , my vision getting blurry as I felt a cold drop of water on my cheek .
“ Heart , what have I gotten myself into ? “
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