You're Just A DayDream Away (Harry Styles FanFic)


2. Perfect Balance

Today was a pretty important day for the lads as they were filming another music video . Summer Love . And I was beyond happy for them . I could see in their eyes the love they put in everything they do , the joy on their faces when the fans are cheering .
I will be honest . First time I saw them , I thought the fame will get to their heads and they won’t last for too long , but it surprised me to see how even the little things were appreciated . Being humble kept them grounded. Being them kept them human.
A loud noise has awaken me from my daydream . Chris got into the car signaling that it is time to go. The small road trip to work was quiet , both trying to take advantage of the silence after the noisy morning , gaining our strengths for when we’ll be running all over the set , making sure everything was perfectly done.
I heard a whispered voice ,gradually gaining power , when I realised Chris decided to break the silence .
“I think it’s going to be interesting today . The Fair was a good choice for this music video.” , she said yawning. Obviously , The way I woke her up today was not on top of her favorite list.
“It will also be busier , you know ? The space is large and those cheeky boys won’t be little angels.” , I knew what I was talking about . They were always teasing us , making me and my friend run after them and I tended to believe that my height was not in my advantage either , being not so imposing .
“Like you won’t enjoy a little adventure.” She said smirking . “Someday , maybe he will be running after you”.
I let my head down , knowing to well what she referred to. I was aware that I won’t be able to have the curly-haired boy for myself , not now , nor ever . So I put no hopes in that . But she just liked to tease me .
As we arrived at the destination , I struggled finding a place to park my car. I could tell there will be a lot more people than normally by the number of cars parked at the entrance of the set.
I was lucky enough not to carry around the whole wardrobe of the boys , unlike my friend who was struggling with her make-up kit , plus all sort of hair products.
There was already a lot of commotion , people trying to arrange the last details on the set , but my vision was blurred by a bunch of teenagers , probably being there for the music video . They were loud , each of them asking where they should sit until the cameras will start working .
I was desperately looking for Paul , as I wanted to know if we were late or not. I grabbed the arm of the first person I saw , and luckily for me it was Allison , from the staff. At first she looked at me not knowing who was stopping her from going forward , her look stopping on my face , recognising me .
“Hi Allison .” I greeted her , quickly letting go or her arm. “ Have you seen Paul ? This place is huge , I don’t know where dressing rooms are, nor where to look first”.
I could tell she was busy and hurried as she gave me a quick answer pointing to where the little “houses” were .
“ Paul must be there too . At least that’s where I saw him “ , she said as she left us behind.
We quickly rushed to the cabins trying not to lose them from my sight , as I was sure I won’t be able to find them again if I got distracted.
I was relieved to find Paul exactly where Alli told me he would be . His eyes seemed to be searching for someone .
“Morning Paul . “
He greeted us , a slightly small smile appearing on his face , not taking his eyes from the sea of people.
“Are we late ? “ I asked , hoping his answer will be the one I expected.
“ No . But someone else is .Darn !” He mumbled . “ I called them 30 minutes ago and they said they’re already on the road. I should’ve sent someone to bring them here “.
As he continued speaking I realised he was talking about the boys . Not wanting to make him more anxious with our presence than he already was , me and Christine went to our cabins.
I arrived in front of a door having a yellow paper glued on it . Wardrobe . The space wasn’t too big or too small , just an usual room . But I could definitely tell that it was crowded . Clothes were placed on 2 large racks , shoes nicely arranged on a small table , another table near the opposite wall filled with all sort of food for the boys and … a curly-haired guy standing on the sofa placed on right of the racks , probably taking a nap.
I found myself standing in the middle of the room , trying to take a look at the pretty face now covered by dark curls. Large hands were placed on the toned torso , rising and falling as he was taking breath after breath , long lashes caressing his cheek , curls tickling his nose and lips slightly parted gasping for air . I was looking at him as if he was some magical creature , so delicate it could almost break only by looking at him. It was one of the few times when I saw him appearing so vulnerable , maybe even innocent . Usually, he acts like a cheeky boy , maybe flirty at times , always doing crazy stuff , talking nonsense . I wasn’t sure which one attracted me the most : the sweet , innocent side or the crazy , more rebel one.
How can a demon and an angel rest in only one person making it so beautiful , yet so intriguing .
It’s like two opposite worlds colliding , but instead of destruction , something ravishing appears.
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