You're Just A DayDream Away (Harry Styles FanFic)


4. Painful Memories

The boys were filming for a while now ,and they certainly needed a break as an orange haze , mixed with a blue one , yet so crisp and clear could be seen above the horizon .
“Cut ! “ , I heard the director shouting. “ Let’s have a break , people . 30 minutes “.
I took this break as an opportunity to explore the set which looked like a real Fair.
I carefully made my way through the sea of people , trying to enter the place where minutes ago the boys were filming the music video . I heard behind me people talking , but as soon as I started moving forward , the sounds began to fade away , like there was only me and the sun , a ball of fire , that seemed to be supported by colorful clouds . I was feeling how the warm breeze started to sing sweet songs to my ears and the last part of blue of the sky delighting my eyes. The colorful lights from all stands were bringing the place to life , and made me remember so many things . Good and bad memories.
I remember that the last time coming to a Fair was on my 14th birthday . My parents always used to come with me when I was only a child , trying to make the best memories , but that day was something special . I never knew back then it would be so hard to forget and so easy to make me cry.
3rd of July . It was my birthday . That day mom baked cakes for us , painting on them smiley faces with Nutella . I knew that a lot of kids my age would expect their parents to surprise them with presents , but all I ever wanted was happiness and harmony . The second my dad told me we were going to the Fair , I was beyond excited . I knew he would try to win for me stuffed animals , eat cotton candy with me and visit everything until our feet will hurt.
I loved my dad , and he was my idol , even at that age . As I suspected , I returned home with 2 stuffed toys , a lion and a dolphin, and a bag of sweets. My tired legs took me to my comfortable bed , not getting up until the next day , when I found my mom in the kitchen , with her eyes locked on a point somewhere , and her eyes puffy. She was that kind of woman with a natural beauty , inside and out. Dark circles were formed under her eyes , the tip of her nose turning red as tears stained her cheeks .
“Mom ? “ I asked her confused , not knowing the cause . I looked around , and I realised something was missing. Or , better said , someone.
“Where’s dad ? “ My voice was now shaking , desperately trying to get an answer .
She just shook her head for a “no” and went back to her initial state.
Even after this simple answer I was a little confused , trying to guess what could’ve happened.
That’s why my dad was so excited for The Fair . He knew that it was going to be the last day he will get to see his girl . And I had no clue . Something that for him meant a new beginning , for me meant the end .
I remember how the small arguments over insignificant things , turned into big fights . They were my never-ending nightmare . Though I never knew who was right , I always stood up for my mother . Seeing her so vulnerable in front of his rage , made me want to protect her , thinking that maybe making him see for a second how this affected me , he would stop . I would go in front of him , grabbing his arm , not letting him to reach her . I tried to hold his gaze , his eyes filled with anger stopping on my face , studying it , trying to find my brown eyes , begging him to stop . I was scared , disappointed , broken and I knew he could see it .
“ Please , just let it go. You’ll hurt her. She may not be right , but prove you’re better “ I begged, while my eyes were filling with tears , my vision getting blurred , chaoticly grabbing his shirt , using all my strength to keep him away from her, but he pushed me away , causing me to trip over my own feet , my small fingers letting go of the fabric . He was now inches away from her face , but I saw my mom standing so brave in front of him , never taking a step back . She seemed strong , but deep down , looking into her eyes , I could see her breaking .
Trying to take control over the anger , I saw him moving away from my mom , rushing outside to calm down .
These were horrible days . Rare , but they felt like an infinity .
From the day he left , everything changed . The sweet , innocent teenager was gone , but instead a wild and misunderstood one had taken its place. I used to do everything that crossed my mind , not carrying if me or someone else will get hurt . That was my escape from the real world . An addictive , bad escape . Until I met Christine . The girl with chocolaty eyes and messy hair , obsessed with make-up. She was the only one who made me realise that the real world was not that horrible . That after every bad will be a good someday .
~~End of Flashback
As I was trying to place myself in the real time , I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder . Turning around I saw Liam standing there , his brown eyes looking like honey and his pink lips curving into a warm smile . I always felt more close to him , maybe it was because of his kindness , or simply his personality , but I saw him like a very good friend , always there to give you his help.
“ We have to get back on the set “ , he said in a whispered tone as if he didn’t want to wake me up from some sort of dream .
I smiled back and I started moving back to the Wardrobe .
As I was asking myself why he had that warm smile , almost encouraging , his eyes locked on my spot under my eyes, I felt a cold tear on my cheek . I wiped the small drop of water away , hoping no one will notice.
Author’s note: This chapter was rather hard to write so I really hope you like it . Fell free to give me some Feedback on it :)
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